Okay, so the picture does not have anything to do with this posting--but I got your attention, didn't I? As you can see from our calendar, our club has some great speakers lined up over the next couple of months. We have a great variety of speakers--some names you recognize and some you don't. That variety is what makes coming every Monday an exciting and interesting part of your week.

While we have Jack and Render taking care of the heavy lifting scheduling speakers on a regular basis, every member should be on the look out for a speaker that would add value to our speaker calendar.

It is a myth that this is a hard process. So to debunk it, I will give you the three simple steps to the process:

Step one: go to our website and look at the calendar for an open date.
Step two: log on to the website and click "edit speakers" on the list.
Step three: enter the speaker information including the meeting date.

Could it be any easier? I say not. However, if you contact Robert, Render or Jack with the information, we can enter the information into the website calendar for you.

 Now, you have two easy ways to help the club book speakers that you want to have on the calendar.