Rotary Corvette Raffle Winner

Taking it to the bank … Former Batavian Ned Chatt receives a check for $50,000 as the grand prize winner of the Batavia Rotary Club’s major fundraiser.  Pictured are, from left, Club President Susie Ott, Mr. Chatt, Event Co-Chair Laurie Mastin, and Ed Leising from the Club’s Foundation Board.
Taking it to the bank … Former Batavian Ned Chatt receives a check for $50,000 as the grand prize winner of the Batavia Rotary Club’s major fundraiser.  Pictured are, from left, Club President Susie Ott, Mr. Chatt, Event Co-Chair Laurie Mastin, and Ed Leising from the Club’s Foundation Board. 
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Annual Father's Day Fly-In Breakfast at the Airport

Posted by Laurie Mastin
Join us for our annual spectacular event featuring all you can eat pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, eggs made to order (including omelets), juice, milk, tea and coffee on Fathers' Day, June 19, 2016, serving from 7:00 am to Noon.
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Oktober Brew Fest & Corvette Raffle

Posted by Carol Boshart

September 27th, 2014 6:30 pm-9:30 pm at Batavia Downs Gaming

Tickets available at Dr. Michael Kubienic's office 180 Washington Ave Batavia, N.Y. or from any Batavia RotarianBrew Fest

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93rd Annual Rotary Christmas Party at the Genesee County Nursing Home

Posted by Laurie Mastin
Batavia Rotary converged Sunday, 12/29/13 at the Genesee County Nursing Home for their 93rd Annual Nursing Home Christmas Party.  This is the longest running service project headed up by three generations of Mulcahy's.  Music was a hit in the common area and gifts for all residents were bestowed. 
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Paddlewheel for 03 January 2012

Posted by Robert Knipe

Pledge and song were led by Michael Rivers, prayer by Ray Shirtz, followed by a 2-min. board huddle called by President Ro, followed by introduction of visiting Rotarians Martha Bailey and Randy Vink of LeRoy. The only January birthday celebrant present was Jim Smith – HB and $5 please!

And a fine time was had by all. Gil Mulcahy happily donated $50 to celebrate his new granddaughter, Mary Grace Eve, born on Christmas Eve (get it?). Not to be outdone, Ted Hawley proudly announced is dad Stephen Hawley the Elder’s 90th (!?), recently celebrated in Arizona and today costing Ted $20. Happy Birthday Steve and keep up the good work!

President Ro reminded us of upcoming Board elections, where we’ll be asked to vote for three among candidates Kim Isaac, Jim McMullen, Andy Rich, John Riter, Jane Scott and Lori Stupp. Just like Iowa, if you score 4th place or below, you’re outta there.  And today we were happy to hear that our President-Elect-Elect for 2013-14, after Gregg McAllister, will be Hollis Upson. Congratulations / condolences to Hollis!


·         Bowling for Crossroads House will take place Feb. 17, 6pm, says Joe Gerace. More info to come, but see Joe if you’re interested.

·         Speaking of TFBrown’s & Mancusos, the next Rotary Social will be Tuesday 1/29, says Suzie Boyce.

·         Rotary Park needs its holiday decorations taken down until next year. 10:30 this Saturday 1/7, says Paul Saskowski, counts as a makeup.  Last week Ro fined every Rotarian five bucks if they didn’t help with any of the club’s three December events, but neglected (gasp!) those who helped decorate the park (and presumably paid), who are therefore entitled to a refund.  Weren’t here last week AND didn’t help w. any of the four events? Pay your $5 and vow to do better next year.

·         The Rotary Girls’ Basketball tourney is this week at GCC, and Tim Call, Ray Shirtz et all need help. And thanks for that, since by the time you read this is over it’ll have been a great success. Thanks also to the dozen Rotarians who stayed after the meeting to collate/stable programs.

·         Bob Knipe needs photos of recent Rotary events / meetings / debacles / whatever, for a “what we did last year” slideshow.  Please send ‘em to Bob however you can:

Apparently a LeRoy Rotary poster was left in the limo after the Terry Hills expedition / dinner. Randy Vink spared no time or vocabulary ransoming it for a candy vase, allegedly belonging to our club. Somewhere in this tirade was a president’s nametag left on a chair at Terry Hills, so… stay tuned. Don Iwanicki, mumbling something about virgins, paid the fine for Randy’s loquacity.

Ro introduced a new fining wheel, presumably agonized over during the holidays. Paul Saskowski was the first beneficiary, his $3 fine being paid by M. Rivers. Tim Call wasn’t so lucky, paying $10 for his daughter’s picture in the Daily.

Ray S. implicated Mike Hodgins, Ted Hawley, Steve Carr, Ed Leising while gifting Ro with a mounted and framed Rotary Calendar from that notoriously successful 200_ fundraising project. Yes, she blushed. Larene Hoelcle happy forfeited $20 for this her last week of employment at GCC, and reviewed some enviable retirement plans. Happy retirement Larene! Coombie Zambito mildly boasted he was still able to “do the turtle” (hard to visualize, whatever it is) which cost him $3 and a spin, which somehow meant paid by Bill Fritts. Not to be outbragged, Don Iwanicki showed off his fine $8 sports jacket, bought off “a dead guy in Arizona.” Jim Smith offered to sell him more. Travelers also settled up today for their peregrinations: Lalit Jain $15 for a trip to India; Barb Pierce $5 for Philly & DC; Mike Hodgins $4 for Arizona and Ted Hawley no fine for the same.  Go figger.

Barb Hale thanked the club for the privilege of hosting Rotary Ann, who got a makeover, some jewelry, the grandkids loved her, but apparently poor Ann was “stood up” for her New Years Eve date.

And we were reminded today that President Rosalie’s term is now half over. She smiled - just before announcing that that our program today was a no-show. Mike Kubinec took home $10 from a $193 raffle pot, and we all went back to work. Or home.

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New Year's Message From Rotary Ann

Posted by Carol Boshart

Oh,  hellllooooooooooo!

 I am full of the holiday spirit…..especially the Grey Goose.   That was fun.  I think I got a bit tipsy at one point.   Now I am learning about something called champagne.  I planning on trying it on New Year’s Eve.

I had the special treat of meeting Santa Claus and his reindeers.  He is such a jolly fellow.  I was especially thrilled to meet Rudolph.  His nose certainly is bright!   We had a great conversation about reindeers that can fly and cows that can jump over the moon.   We just don’t get enough publicity on our skills.   The grandchildren of my farmer brought out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.   I was proud to know my family produced the milk.   However, Santa was growing a bit weary of the milk and cookies by the time he reached 23 Prospect Ave.  So, he stayed long enough for us to order pizza and wings.  He said it was just what he needed to finish his route.

I want to wish all of the wonderful farmers (Rotarians) who have made me welcome at their homes this past year a very healthy and happy year in 2012.


Rotary Ann



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Rotarians hard at work!

Posted by Laurie Mastin
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Thanks Ray, Andy, John, and Steve for your help in moving show costumes to Batavia Players.
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People Realizing Potential Campaign

Posted by Carol Boshart
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Genesee ARC recognizes the Rotary Club of Batavia along with the B.Thomas Golisano Foundation for their major gifts that helped renovate the Culinary Arts kitchen at the Community Center.
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Posted by Carol Boshart
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Our longtime Rotary waitress is 97 and is mostly confined to her home. She was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship several years ago and is remembered fondly by our Club for the wonderful service she gave us. Please think of her from time to time, and send an occasional "thinking of you" card to her.
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Rotary Day at Y Camp

Posted by Carol Boshart
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To view more photos of the "Y Camp Experience" click "photos" on the menu to the left
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2009 Rotary President's Scholarship

Posted by Carol Boshart
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Recipients of the 2009 Rotary President's Scholarship are Adam Martinelli from Byron-Bergen High School, Taylor Chmielowicz from Batavia High School, and Gregory Barr from Notre Dame High School. 


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