How to celebrate world understanding month.
The month of February is very special in the Rotary calendar because it includes the anniversary of the first meeting of Rotary held on February 23, 1905, now designated as the World Understanding and Peace Day. In designating World Understanding Month, the Rotary International board asks all Rotary clubs to plan special programs for their weekly meetings and undertake special activities to promote "understanding and goodwill as essential for world peace."
Lands across the planet have become our neighbors, India across the street, Egypt at our doorstep. We have become a citizen of the world - information about the world is just a key stroke away.  In this globally connected world the need for understanding our neighbors are even more important than before.  As our community become microcosm of the 21st century, how do we go about promoting greater understanding of our changing global community?
Rotary's 100 plus years effort to promote global understanding and peace has made a big difference in many parts of the world. Hundreds of thousands people have benefited from the Rotary projects around the world. Many Rotarian had an opportunity to gain a first hand experience about the projects as well as develop Rotary fellowships.
To observe world understanding month, your club can have many variety of programs from arranging to have international speakers to inviting youth exchange students, international scholars, programs with former Group Study Exchange members, discussing on international issues, inviting local ethnic community leaders, presenting entertainment with an international cultural or artistic theme.  
Clubs can also learn about district's more than 10 international projects sponsored by various clubs.  You can invite someone from International project team to come to speak to your club members. It is also a good month to initiate a Rotary Fellowship Exchange, a 3-H project or encourage support for PolioPlus and many other Rotary Foundation programs to help needy people around the world.
World Understanding Month is a great chance for every Rotary member to pause, plan and promote the Fourth Avenue of Service- Rotary's continued quest to promote goodwill, peace and understanding among people of the world. Thank you for making a difference around the world with your dedication and commitment. .