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Friends of Branchburg Rotary Club:
What is Friends of Rotary Club? What does it cost?  What are the benefits?

“Friends of  Branchburg Rotary Club” is a program that invites businesses/ individuals to team up with Rotary for a year, two years or forever! 
Becoming a Friend of Branchburg Rotary Club allows those who share our ideals and objectives to participate in our activities without the responsibility (or the benefit) of a full membership, but it does allow contribution to the community and to our events as you are available. As a matter of fact there are many people who would qualify for membership but simply do not have sufficient time or ability through work to attend our breakfast meetings.
Being a Friend of Rotary allows you to help in local fund raising by participating in club events or by making annual donations. Some club events are not specifically for fund raising but are for socializing; Rotarians call this fellowship, an opportunity to enjoy activities and each others company, catch up with old friends and make or develop new ones. 
Benefits of Friends of Rotary
  • Supporting Rotary service projects helps the community that many of your companies do business in or you as individuals live in.
  • Aids community agencies, educational scholarships, and international projects.
  • A way for those who cannot make weekly Rotary meetings to feel involved in the effort to provide for the community. 
  • Can be a stepping stone for someone who wants to invest in the community but does not know a lot about Rotary.
  • Can lead to full time Rotary Membership.
Cost of sponsorship:
$150 Annually
 Features of Friends of Rotary:
  • First call before the general public in purchasing an ad in our publications during fundraising events such as …Comedy Night.
  • Link on our website during the year(s) sponsored.
  • Listing in our Friends of Rotary Campaign brochure.
  • Attend weekly Rotary breakfast meetings at own cost.
Please contact us for more information
Corporate Supporters
Our Club appreciates the support it receives from the community through donations, support of Club projects and the work of volunteers. The interest of local business is also appreciated and to better recognize that support the Club has established a Supporters of Rotary program whereby the contributions of local businesses both financially and in kind can be duly recognized. Please see below and enquiries can be forwarded to
Corporate Supporter -  $250 (or higher) donation with the full Friends of Rotary benefits going to a person nominated by the business owner/proprietor  - also to include a Certificate of Appreciation for their support during the particular year of membership.
Gold Supporter - $500 (or higher) donation again with the full Friends of Rotary benefits plus a “prestigious” plaque to display in their business.