Posted on Oct 24, 2020
Happy children cheering infront of schoolhouse

Rotary Club of University Area Houston,

You did it! Because of your help with packaging 16,632 Rise Against Hunger meals, due to the wonderful leadership of Rotarian Sonya Heath, we are able to provide nourishment for children and families around the world, and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you for volunteering your valuable time with us.
From sustainable community development projects to nourishing lives through nutritious meals, Rise Against Hunger strives to build resilience and self-sufficiency in the communities where we work. Your time and support are key to achieving our mission.
Inspired to take the next step to live in a world with zero hunger? Visit our website to donate today or sign up to become an advocate. With the support of hunger champions like you, we will create a world with zero hunger.
Once the meals you packaged are shipped, you will receive another email with more information about where the meals were sent and what programs they will support.
Rise Against Hunger