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Jul 20, 2018

  We are still doing the fundraising to actually build the apartments to house fire fighters while they are in Houston being treated for cancer at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. In the interim, however, we have rented one apartment and through generous donations have been able to open the second apartment.

Jul 27, 2018 

Gallery Furniture Donates Furniture

Retired HFD Captain & Home Chairman Homero Ponce Lope, Beaumont FD Captain, Gallery's Jim NcInvale, HFD Chief Sam Pena

HOUSTON — Gallery Furniture and Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale announced a new partnership with Houston’s Rotary Firefighters Home (RFFH) and the Houston Fire Department during a press conference Friday.

The vision of the project is to provide temporary, fully-furnished housing to fire fighters and other firstresponders at little or no cost while they are undergoing cancer treatment.

Did you know, due to the toxins emitted in burning buildings, cancer rates in fire fighters run high? Fire fighter’s like Christian Singler from Beaumont was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease and in need of treatment from MD Anderson Cancer Center. It would cost thousands for Singlar to rent a hotel room for the duration of his treatment.

The Rotary Fire Fighters Home now has available two apartments at IMT Apartment Complex near the Med Center and offers the homes to firemen and women all over the nation in need of treatment. Apartments, all decked out with furnishings donated by gallery furniture.

“Having a list of eleven fire fighters waiting is very difficult to turn them down, to tell them that there’s not a room available in this house for them,” retired Houston Fire Captain and RFFH President Homero Ponce-Lopez said. “I had to do this several times. I’d prefer to go into a burning building to put out a fire than to tell a brother fire fighter that there’s not a room for him to get his cancer treatment.”

Not only did Mattress Mack offer to provide a living facility, but he also surprised the RFFH with a $5,000 gift card and a brand new television to furnish the apartment.

” We are proud to furnish this apartment,” McIngvale said. “We want to thank the fire fighters from around the world for all the work that they do. Whatever we can do to support them we will be here whenever they call.”

Mattress Mack has become a local hero in the city of Houston following his relief efforts during the Hurricane Harvey flooding crisis and the fire department expressed how much he meant to them and the community.

“This is an incredible work that they are doing not just for fire fighters and EMT’s but for their families,” Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena said. “I am truly appreciative of Mr. McIngvale and what he has done not only for the Rotary Fire Fighter Home but for this community.  There’s a special place in heaven Mr. McIngvale for people like you who care about there community and everybody who live and work here.”

Mattress Mack teams up with HFD to provide recovery housing for fire fighters undergoing cancer treatment WATCH VIDEO


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