Our journey started Saturday morning at 5am, Jim Moers driving the 26 foot Penske truck, Dick Stabell & Sonya Heath in Dick's truck with a pallet of books, Art and Olga in their truck towing the big University Area Rotary Club trailer with a pallet and 1/2 of books and other items, Eric & Sandra Liu joined us for the trip, this is their 3rd trip to Matamoros  with us and we enjoy their company, they  have personally contributed money to our global grants in Matamoros. We arrived at the customs warehouse around 12:15 and after unloading we had a quick lunch then headed to the hotel to check in and then we were picked up by the local Rotarians' and  taken across the border to the dedication ceremony of our new water project that was due to start on Monday then we went to the second site for the celebration of the finished project from 3 years ago so essentially this year we will be completing 2 major water projects, at the finish project they informed me that they had to shut off the water to the  whole city for one whole day because our project had to hook up to the main city line. Here is a list of some of the items that we donated;  about 200 oxygen tank sets for the firefighters, pants, jackets, boots, 2 1/2 pallets of books, hundreds of school uniforms, school supplies, some computers, office copier machine, walkers, and handicap potties, a    semi new power scooter, about 100 blood pressure testers. Our sister club members sent a big heartfelt thank you!