Posted on May 12, 2021
With our governor’s easing of Pandemic restrictions, The Rotary Club of Chanhassen is proud to present the 2021 4th of July Parade!  Please join us on Sunday July 4th at 2:30 pm for this wonderful family and kid friendly  celebration in downtown Chanhassen.  
The route will be the same as previous years. It starts at W. 78th/Great Plains Blvd and travels west, turns North on Kerber Blvd, East on Santa Vera Drive, South  on Laredo Drive and East on Chan View Street.
Want to be a float in the Parade? Please follow this link  to register.  Parade Cloud Registration
Fees are $75 for non-profit groups and neighborhoods and $100 for businesses and all other groups.
Deadline to register is Tuesday, June 22
 Once you have received confirmation of your registration from our parade committee, you will also receive a link to pay by credit card. 
Thank you,  Rotary Club of Chanhassen Parade Committee
Questions?  Email
Purpose of Chanhassen’s Fourth of July Parade
Americans think of July 4, 1776, as the day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. Thousands of communities around the nation celebrate this special day every year with parades, fireworks and a day of relaxation to commemorate  those Americans who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to create and preserve our independence and the freedoms we cherish so dearly.
The beauty of a democracy is that we as Americans can express our ideas and differences and work out the necessary compromises in the public domain. On July Fourth however, we put our differences aside and simply become Americans.
The goal of Chanhassen’s parade is to have a fun, family-oriented event, and celebrate our country’s innumerable achievements and our freedoms as one people. We celebrate our leaders, our businesspeople, our public servants, our military, our police, our medical workers, and the thousands of volunteers who provide help to those in need, asking nothing in return.
While we welcome all - including politicians and political parties - to participate in this event, we do not invite organizations who desire to express a particular political message that divides us on this special day. We ask that your organization be clear on how you would enhance the family-focus entertainment value of our parade, and respect our decision to not include you if we believe your participation would run counter to our purpose.
Parade Entry Instructions and Rules:
Entry Deadline:  Register by June 22, 2021.
Confirmation of your entry will be sent by email.
Float Description:  We will not have an announcer in 2021.  but, when registering, under "Description", please provide a brief description that will be published in our on-line program.
Parking for tow vehicles:  when filling out the registration form, please let us know , under "unit mode notes,  if you will need a spot to park a horse trailer or float trailer during the parade.
Payment Deadline:   Once you have received confirmation of your registration from our parade committee, you can pay online using the link in your letter to secure “Sage Systems” credit card payment  to Chanhasssen Rotary  
To receive your  parade lineup number, payment by credit card must be received by June 23, 2021.  You will receive your line-up number during the week before the parade.
Timing: Line up starts at 1:00 p.m. and the parade begins at 2:30 p.m. on July 4.
Line up Information: Line-up numbers are posted on wooden markers. Volunteers will be available to help find your space. The line up area is in a quiet Chanhassen neighborhood. Please be respectful of resident’s property and stay on the public street. Make sure to keep a traffic lane clear for emergency vehicles.
Questions? If you have questions on parade day, ask a volunteer wearing a neon safety vest or visit parade headquarters (see map). Rules and Notes Volunteers (identified by safety vests) will help you before and during the parade. They also have authority to enforce rules.
Important Additional Information – Please read
1. Adult Supervision: All entries that include children must have adequate adult supervision (1 adult to 6 children).
2. Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the staging area and during the parade.
3. Animals: All entries with animals must provide their own cleanup. Dogs and other small animals must be on a leash.
4. Bikes. All riders must be at least 6 years old.
5. Candy & Giveaways: For the safety of everyone and to keep the parade flowing smoothly, these rules will be strictly enforced: Candy and other giveaways must be distributed by at least two walkers (one along the curb on each side of the street). Candy/giveaways must be handed or gently tossed behind the curb line so kids will not run into the street.
6. Changing Facilities: Sorry, there are no changing facilities available.
7. Child Drop-Off: Please make arrangements to have children dropped off/picked up before and after the parade. Vehicles that are not in the parade will not be permitted in the staging area.
8. Drivers: All motorized vehicles must be operated by individuals who are properly licensed. Make sure everyone is seated or in a secure position before moving. The weather is typically hot and the parade pace is slow. Make sure your vehicle can tolerate these conditions.
9. Floats: Drivers and riders may NOT be concealed inside the float. Exhaust pipes must extend a minimum of 8” beyond decorations. Everyone must be seated or stand next to a secure post and be positioned so they can readily exit without having to use tools or keys. Decorations must not interfere with the driver’s view of the route. Height maximum is 13’6” (to clear low-hanging power lines, lights, etc.
10. Groups: Large groups should plan to ride on a single flat-bed truck, not in individual cars.
11. Signs: Please identify your entry. This is helpful for the announcer as well as the patrons of the parade.
12. Open Flame: No open flame or smoking allowed on or near floats.
13. Parking: Participant parking is located in the Southwest Transit Ramp near the Dinner Theatre. Please use appropriate sidewalk and obey traffic laws. Only vehicles participating in the parade will be allowed in the staging area. when filling out  the registration form, Please let us know , under "unit mode notes,  if you will need a spot to park a horse trailer or float trailer during the parade.
14. Toilets & Trash: Satellite toilets will be available at Parade Headquarters. Trash cans are provided in the line-up area.
15. Traffic Lights: Ignore red lights along the route during the parade.
16. Vehicles & Trailers: Unless prior approval is granted, all commercial vehicles and trailers must be decorated or be of significant novelty or entertainment value to be included in the parade.
17. Walkers: To keep up with the pace of the parade, be sure to bring strollers or wagons for younger children.
18. Water: Coolers with cold water are provided at parade headquarters. Please bring water bottles (especially for young children) to use during the parade. Water guns, super-soakers, and water balloons are prohibited.