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the Veterans Rotary Club of Minnesota

District 5950 (which is the Rotary District our club belongs to) is launching The Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans!  This will be the first Rotary Club for veterans serving veterans in the world! You are invited to become one of the founding members of this new club, which will give you an unique opportunity to connect with other veterans and business leaders while serving our local communities together and helping those in need. The meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, at St. Peters Edina:  5421 France Avenue South, Edina, Minnesota 55410; and, will run from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Rotary is non-religious and non-political organization - we are simply using the facility because of the generosity of its Pastor, Mark Shockey, who is a former Rotarian of 30 years.  The first meeting will take place on September 12th and will include a discussion of our guiding principles – Camaraderie, Service, and Peace – along with sharing ideas for projects and events we would like to participate in. You can download the Club Brochure and membership Application for the Veterans Club in the download area on the righthand side of this  home page.    If you would like to be a part of this amazing new Rotary Club and have the opportunity to help shape the mission of the group, please complete the attached application and return it timely to Tom Gump at:
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STRIVE Welcomes Past Students

These recent Chanhassen graduates came to share their experiences at the STRIVE meeting this week. Each were STRIVE participants and spoke to the current students about their lives and the successes they have had since high school. It was a powerful discussion.
STRIVE is a Rotary Club of Chanhassen sponsored mentoring program with emphasis on preparing for post-graduation opportunities and responsibilities while working to improve grade point average. The program's goal is to motivate interested Chanhassen Juniors and Seniors to discover their own strengths and talents while increasing their personal and academic achievement. Incentives are offered through scholarships for the students for their post graduate education. If you want to hear more about STRIVE contact Susan Conrad
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STRIVE is in full force

The 2016-17 STRIVE program is underway. Susan Conrad  is the Mentor Coordinator and Official Cheerleader/Whip Cracker of the Chanhassen High School STRIVE program. Many of the Chanhassen Rotary members are involved as mentors along with other community members. STRIVE is a one-on-one mentoring and scholarship program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chanhassen at Chanhassen High School.  It offers students incentives for reaching their potential. Students are selected by their counselors for having high potential that is not reflected in their academic progress. Once each month, Chanhassen Business leaders (who are all volunteers), attend one hour sessions with students. These sessions include topics such as time management, getting organized, networking, job interview preparation, goal setting, etc. They talk about grades and school attendance, offering support to help students succeed. The mentors may also meet students at special programs or present opportunities beyond the regular meetings. Students who participate in STRIVE are eligible for post-secondary scholarships  at technical schools as well as four year universities and colleges."
If you have questions about STRIVE or interest in participation please contact Susan Conrad
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Chanhassen Rotary supports the Open Hands Foundation

The Chanhassen Rotary is proud to have played a part in the work of the Open Hands Foundation. As a 2015 Gala Charitable recipient, Open Hands is able to provide shelter to homeless youth in the South West suburbs. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Susan Conrad​ and Joel Johnson for sharing the story of The Open Hands Foundation during our 11.30.16 meeting. 
Open Hands Foundation raise funds for the Crisis Shelter serving kids in our community. Here's a link to the TV story that Kelcey Carlson​ presented this past week on the Hope House.
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Chanhassen!

Since its founding in 1987, the Rotary Club of Chanhassen has been dedicated to Rotary International's mission to provide service to others, promote high ethical standards, and to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through its fellowship of business, professional and community leaders.
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