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Rotary Club of Chanhassen is now able to accept registrations to participate in our 15th annual 4th of July parade.

Click the button "Registration for Parade Entrants" on this  website  to register your float.

Purpose of Chanhassen’s Fourth of July Parade

Americans think of July 4, 1776, as the day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. Thousands of communities around the nation celebrate this special day every year with parades, fireworks and a day of relaxation to commemorate those Americans who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to create and preserve our independence and the freedoms we cherish so dearly.

The beauty of a democracy is that we as Americans can express our ideas and differences and work out the necessary compromises in the public domain. On July Fourth however, we put our differences aside and simply become Americans.

The goal of Chanhassen’s parade is to have a fun, family-oriented event, and celebrate our country’s innumerable achievements and our freedoms as one people. We celebrate our leaders, our businesspeople, our public servants, our military, our police, our medical workers, and the thousands of volunteers who provide help to those in need, asking nothing in return.

While we welcome all - including politicians and political parties - to participate in this event, we do not invite organizations who desire to express a particular political message that divides us on this special day. We ask that your organization be clear on how you would enhance the family-focus entertainment value of our parade, and respect our decision to not include you if we believe your participation would run counter to our purpose

"For questions send an email to Events@ChanhassenRotary.org.   You need to register by June 10 to secure your spot in the parade. 

Entry fees are   $100 for Politicians and businesses, and $75 for other entrants*

*There is no entry fee for 2021 / 2022 Rotary Club of Chanhassen Sponsors or  Non-Profit organizations who  received grants from our club.