There is a lot to share with you this week, so take a few minutes to review the Prez Notes!!
First, I apologize again for my technology fail at the meeting last week…thanks to KC and all of you for jumping in with a great conversation!!  I put the PPT on our shared Google Drive. You can view it here.
Use this link to respond to the Poll question, Why I joined Rotary:
Use this Link to respond to the Poll question, Rotary I meeting my expectations:
Use this link to respond to the Poll question, Some ways Rotary could be more engaging for me:
I am eager to see your responses, they will help guide our work!!! Thank you!
Cheryl reports that Bob’s surgery went well. He is up walking. The Dr. had to limit his eagerness!  He will be in the hospital another 7 days. Cheryl will be driving back and forth…if anyone wants to go to Rochester in the next week!
It is great to see the willingness of all of you to help make our club vital and active, both locally and internationally.   Here is the link to the current committee rosters.  You can see which committees are still in need of your help!  Also, if you are on a committee and I missed you, please let me know!
Make it a GREAT Week!!  
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile