The Rotary Club of Chanhassen is excited to introduce our newest exchange student. Her name is Katarina and is arriving in just a few weeks. Here is a short introduction she wrote about herself.

Hi, I'm Katarina. I'm from Slovakia and I'm going to spend my next year in Minnesota, in Chanhassen. I'm 17 years old and I study in high school in Slovakia and I am in Bilingual Spanish Section. All subjects that I study are taught in Spanish. Everyone from my school is very friendly... and I'm friends with most of my classmates because we have the same interests and we spend a lot of time together, either in school or after classes. One of my greatest passions is traveling. I travel a lot with my family and friends through Europe, since I study in Spanish I participated in student exchange with students from Madrid. Since then I visited Spain twice, once as a part of a big school road trip in south Europe, me and my friends visited Monaco, Geneva lake and beautiful city Barcelona. I like to try new things and new activities. I'm a funny and cheery person. My biggest desire is to get to know new friends and culture. I am certain my exchange will bring me a lot of exciting experiences and a lot of friendships. I'm looking forward to meet my host families. I believe that after this exchange I will be more prepared for my professional life.