Prez Notes   May 14, 2021
Hello Fellow Rotarians!
It was soooooo great to see so many faces in person again at the Legion this week!  It seems as though we are getting back to more and more “normalcy” with each passing week!    
This past week we had an awesome presentation from Katie Boller Gosewisch and Mary Hershberger Thun.  Katie and Mary spoke to us about WeCab, a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) transportation organization, that provides rides for individuals 18 years and older to medical appointments, grocery stores, food shelves, church, personal care appointments, and more!!!  Volunteer drivers are paired with riders in-need through volunteer dispatchers.  What a great way to assist and serve the elderly, among others, in our community!!!  Our Club has partnered with and donated to WeCab and its mission in the past.  Learn more about WeCab at
There’s been a LOT going on within our Club and within our community!!!  First, and foremost, the 4th of July festivities are now moving forward full steam ahead in light of Governor’s Walz’s announcement last week wherein he lifted certain restrictions that had previously been in place.  What does this mean for our Club???  It means a 4th of July Parade, Flyover, Taste of Chanhassen, Carnival, Car Show, and Beer Garden!!!  This is awesome news!!!  What else does this mean???  It means that we need “all hands on deck” to pull this off.  Thanks to Tom Furlong and Connie Schibilla for “running point” on the 4th of July planning, along with those “chairing” various tasks, including, Matt Jones (Parade), Tim Erhart (Parade and Car Show), Todd Gerhardt (Taste of Chanhassen), Mike Howe (Car Show), Michael Clausen and Bob Verner (Beer Garden), and Anne Voas (Flyover).  There are also many, many, others behind the scenes as well.  We will also need to build our float!!!  Carpenters and creative minds needed!!!  Please consider volunteering and helping out in whatever way you can.  Newer members … this is a great way to get involved and to get to know your fellow Rotarians!!!  Please reach out to Tom Furlong or me and we will get you involved.  Thanks, in advance, for your “Service Above Self.”
What else is going on???  Mark your calendars for the following:
  •        Service Scholarship Awards and Recognition Breakfast at Lake Ann Pavilion (May 19th at 7:00 am).  This will take the place of our “regular” Club meeting.  In other words, we will NOT be meeting at the Legion and we will NOT be having a “hybrid” Zoom meeting.  We will only be meeting in person at the Lake Ann Pavilion on Wednesday, May 19th.
  •        STRIVE Scholarship Awards and Recognition Zoom Event (June 2nd at 7:30 pm).
  •        Humanity Alliance/Open Hands Foundation BOGO Event (June 5th).  Buy One, Give One … buy a $25.00 meal for two, and give a meal for two to a family in need!!  How awesome is that!!!  More details to follow. 
  •        Walleye Fry (Date to be Determined).  Dave Neubauer is planning a social (and fundraising) event for our Club!!!  And, it’s not just another fish fry, it’s a WALLEYE Fry!!!  Thanks, Dave, for planning this event.  More details to follow!!!
  •        Club Get-Together at Lake Ann Pavilion on July 28th.  This will be a social event for Rotarians and family members.  We did this two years ago.  It’s a great way to get to know your fellow Rotarians and family members, share fellowship, and have some fun!!!  More details to follow.
Our Club Board and Foundation Board have been busy!!!  The Club and Foundation Board approved a collective $1,500.00 donation to Polio Plus.  (Thanks, Tim Mulcrone, for all the work you do with Polio Plus.)  In addition, the Foundation Board approved funding requests to the Days for Girls Haiti Enterprise ($475.00) and the Hope for Venezuelan Refugees ($500.00).  In addition, the Club Board—in accordance with our Bylaws—voted in favor of Ruth Lunde and Tim Erhart to serve on the Foundation Board beginning with the new Rotary year, July 1st.  Congratulations Ruth and Tim!  We look forward to your insight and service!!
A special mention and thanks to the Furlong family.  Tom Furlong has been recognized as a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  So awesome!!!  What is a Paul Harris Fellow?  Paul Harris Fellow Recognition is extended to any individual who contributes—outright or cumulatively (or in whose name is contributed)—$1,000.00 or more to the Rotary International Annual Fund or Polio Plus or as a sponsorship of a portion of a Rotary International Grant.  Tom Furlong is a Paul Harris Fellow +3—meaning the Furlongs have contributed over $4,000.00 since Tom became a Rotarian!!  Way to go Furlongs!!!  What generosity!         
On a local level, and as I’ve mentioned in our past few meetings, our Club’s fundraising solicitation mailer has now arrived in all of our mailboxes!!!  Our Club really does some amazing things—including funding student service scholarships and STRIVE scholarships, and funding and partnering with local charities.  (See above!!!!)  Once again, please strongly consider donating to our Club’s Foundation.  As I’ve mentioned over the last few weeks, we have all saved approximately $500.00 over the past year by not having the weekly breakfasts added to our monthly dues.  Please consider donating that amount to our Club’s Foundation.  The fundraising solicitation mailer has been posted to our Club’s website, along with links and instructions on how to donate.  You can also donate via Venmo—we have a separate Venmo set up for our Foundation which is different than our Gratitude Dollars Venmo.  Our Foundation’s Venmo is:  @Donate_Chan_Rotary 
On behalf of our Club and Foundation, I truly appreciate your consideration and support!!!
Lastly, it is with a heavy heart that I mention some sad news.  Greg Bichler’s brother recently passed away.  Please keep Greg’s family in your thoughts and prayers. 
Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the warmer temperatures! 
In the words of our District 5950 Polio Plus Chairperson (Champion), Tim Mulcrone, “Miss a Meeting, Miss A Lot.”  Don’t miss out!!!  As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on!!!