Thank you Carol Lee for coordinating the CPR/AED training program last night. We had a great turn out!
We were all grateful for the expert Trainers from the Plymouth Rotary Heart Safe Plymouth Project, Russell Carlson and Norm Okerstrom, helped guide us through the program.
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills over 400,000 American in the United States annually. SCA strikes without warning and impacts all ages and ethnicities. The survival rate nationally is 8%. In Minnesota the survival rate is 16%, the best of any state in the country. The national rate has not changed in 50 years. The issue is lack of education and the need for broad distribution of AED's (Automated External Defibrillators.) The Rotary Club of Plymouth began the Heart Safe Plymouth service project in 2012 and to date have trained over 3,500 people in more than 150 separate trainings. The training is provided at no charge and teaches bystander CPR (no breaths) and the use of an AED for persons experiencing SCA. The one hour training includes SCA victim recognition, CPR training with manikins, AED training and an end of class simulation to fit it all together. Two DVD's are used in the training. All participants will receive a card signed by the American Heart Certified Instructor saying they have been trained in bystander CPR and the use of an AED for patients suffering from SCA. After the training all participants will know what to do in the event they are present at the scene of a SCA victim. The training is appropriate for teens and above and should be completed every two years.