OH, What A Weekend We Had!  

We Came, We Served, We Sold Out!

The Winona Peach Festival

Friday, August 26th - Sunday, August 28th, 2022


We Came, We Served, We Sold Out!

Thank You to all the visitors to the 2022 Peach Festival.  The return after the Covid Pandemic Shutdown was a huge success for many organizations.  The Rotary Club of Hamilton Stoney Creek is very grateful to our loyal volunteers and the general public that lined up for our traditional Perogie Platters and Crepe with Peaches and Ice Cream Desserts.  We sold out of Crepes on Friday night by 9 pm.  We restocked for Saturday and Sunday and Sold out of 1the entire stock on Saturday by 7pm.  Our perogies barely made it past the lunch hour selling out by 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. We Will be Back in 2023
A Special Thank You to all who helped us out to get back to the W.P.F. this year. 
Our Awesome Volunteers and rotary Members who set up, supplied and ran the booth all weekend long.
Puddicombe Farms, a Family Farm with over 220 Years of history in Winona for supplying us with the BEST Freshest Peaches of the year! 
The Ladies Auxilary from the Stoney Creek Battlefield - Royal Canadian Legion for peeling, pitting, and slicing our peaches fresh for the weekend.
Rotarian Rick for his leadership and sleepless and stressful nights in the planning and implementation of our operations.
The entire WPF Volunteer Staff and Grounds Crew for making the navigation of the weekend, safe and fluid for all!
The Winona Peach Festival is a unique community event that has evolved since 1967, starting out on Winona Road.  The Winona Peach Festival consists of 18 community services, sports, and religious organizations. 
The Peach Festival is run entirely by volunteers, the Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons, organization representatives, and thousands of volunteers from the member organizations and the community.

Our Rotary Club has been a long-time participant/partner with the Winona Peach Festival. 
We have cooked 1000's of pounds of Perogies, paired with bushels of diced onions, and trays Highland Packer's Bacon, and Gay Lea Sour Cream. 
We hand build our Crepes and Vanilla Ice Cream desserts and top them with Puddcombe Peaches Freshly sliced the week of the festival and finish it with real whip cream. 
The proceeds of this fundraiser go to many local charities and organizations in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek Area to improve the lives of many.

Speaking of Volunteers!


Friday, August 26th - Sunday, August 28th, 2022