The Marshall Truck and Trailer Repair 

Festive Fizz - Elimination Game Results     


The Festive Fizz Elimination Game was a Grand Success!

A BIG Thank You to all who participated in this year's game, Online and in Person!

The Rotary Club of Hamilton Stoney Creek is also very grateful to Marshall Truck and Trailer Repair for Sponsoring the event by providing the hall and all the raffle and door prizes.

The |Winning Teams Were:

Consolation Prize, first team eliminated: Sipping Sisters - $150 

5th Place - Radical Rose (with an accent on the e) - $250

4th Place - Wine O'Holics - $300

3rd Place - Relatively Red - $375

2nd Place - Marshall's Mutts - $450

1st Place, last team eliminated - Wash That Truck - $525

Watch all the excitement from the evening on Facebook!







The Elimination Game is back
...... ..... .... ... .. . but with a

This Season
We are Live and In Person
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023 7pm
at The Stoney Creek Legion - Downtown King Street
We will Facebook and Zoom broadcast the draw from the Main Hall but there will be benefits to being in person!

More than a Wine Draw!

This time around we will be playing for L.C.B.O. GIFT CARDS so the Winners can pick their own choice of Festive Spirits!
Same Rules as last time around!
Deadline To Enter Is November  15th     BUT SIGN UP TODAY
I. Choose Your Wine Warriors.
II. Select a Team Captain.
III. Create a Unique Team Name.
IV. Donate $30 per person.  eTransfer payments to
V. Register your team.
VI. Wednesday, November 22, 2023 Join us at the Stoney Creek Legion for door prizes, entertainment, fun, and games!
Individual participants are welcome!
The Challenge is to be on the team that has the last name drawn.
Strategy Secret:
Spread your tickets over more than one team to increase your odds.