Please join us at the Stoney Creek Legion for our weekly lunch meeting.12:15 Start.
Our Guest Speaker is: Angie Sandow
Please RSVP to Dan at by Noon Tuesday January 24th.  Zoom Link Here!

Neither 1 hand nor breast cancer can stop the wheels from rolling!

Meet Angie Sandow - founder of JUSTRIDIN.  

JPD_8402 copy.jpg                                  JPD_8265.jpg

Some say that Angie has too much to talk about as her amazing story includes ;

- being born with a variety of congenital birth defects the most noticeable of which is the limb difference of her right arm and hand,

- being laughed at and excluded as a result of her limb difference,

- being bullied and becoming a bully,

- being judged based on her appearance which impacted her ability to find employment in her younger years,

- forming and playing lead guitar using a prosthetic in her AC/DC Tribute Band called BARE RUMP,

- being diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014,

- developing frozen shoulder on her right side after receiving life saving treatment for breast cancer,

- fronting her classic rock band LEFTY AND THE GOONs

- riding a modified motorcycle with one (left) hand