Robots Building Students
Jan 21, 2022 7:15 AM
Celt-X Robotics
Robots Building Students

Bishop Ryan's Celt-X 5406 Robotics Team started in the fall of 2014 and joined the worldwide FIRST Robotics Competition League in January 2015.  The team has had many great successes on and off the field, winning numerous awards,  accolades, and competition banners all while embodying the spirit of FIRST foundational pillars of 'Gracious Professionalism' and 'Coopertition'. In 2019 the team was one point away from winning the world championships in Detroit Michigan.

The competition is only a motivational tool for the real goal of the team. To inspire a diverse body the students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Math, and Leadership while building their ability to work with confidence and as peers not only with their fellow students but with volunteer industry mentors.  Most of the students who have gone through Celt-X robotics go onto and flourish in post-secondary education and are easily integrated into their fields of choice. They have alumni and now mentors that have used their robot building experience in the nuclear, agricultural, medical science, and space industries.

During the COVID Pandemic lockdowns, the team had to pivot and focus their passion and talents through Virtual Challenges leaving two world-class robots sitting on the workbench.  They stayed focused and committed to the program and have taken it in directions they had never dreamed of.  They learned how to run productive virtual team meetings, participated in international broadcasts seen by thousands of people, developed applications, software, and hardware for a WiFi-enabled device, to encourage personal activity during Covid restrictions. They created their own idea of an FRC game release and then created the marketing to promote it to an international audience.  They participated and developed a five-year team plan. 

This fall the few remaining student veterans working with the mentors, created and promoted a 'new recruits' campaign, revamped the team computer lab, serviced and updated the large CNC equipment, installed new 3d printers and vinyl machines, restocked building materials, and ran new recruit training and team building events not only for Celt-x Robotics but for two other school teams on the School Board at the Robodrome. 

The HWCDSB Robodrome Centre for Robotics Excellence in the former St.Mary's Elementary School on MacNab Street. The team has taken on the Stewardship of the facility.  With a grant they were able to obtain and install design and manufacturing equipment for student use.  They also maintain an FRC practice field. Every January volunteers gather to build the necessary field game elements.

These students are our future innovators, industry leaders, and world-changers. I encourage you to check out the Celt-X 5406 Website and follow their Social Media and YouTube links and come watch this amazing spectator sport.

Our Rotary Club has proudly sponsored Celt-X Robotics since 2017 because the team goals align so well with those of Rotary's Youth Education and Empowerment.