How to make-up for a missed Rotary Club meeting on-line.
We all sometimes 'miss' a Club meeting for countless reasons and it is not always easy to find a Club where you can make up for your missed meeting. Probably the most convenient way of making up for your missed meeting is by attending one of the 14 chartered Rotary eClubs that you can find on-line. These Clubs were especially created to make use of the possibilities provided by the internet. Each eClub will operate slightly different and they're not all in English, but they all offer the possibility to make up for a missed Club meeting by spending some time on their websites. They will also ask for a contribution similar to what you would have paid for a meal, although that is voluntary. The big advantage is of course that you can make up 24/7, 365 days per year. You can find some general information and a list of the eClubs on: Good luck!