Rotary Board
Board of Directors and Committee Chairs 
The current year Board of Directors is comprised of 7 members.  The various committee chairs are assigned to report to the President, President-Elect (next hears president) and President Nominee (president two years from now).
President: Dan Johnson
President Elect: Open
President Nominee: Kimberly Fricke
Secretary: Claire Luke
Treasurer: Mary Ann Barker
Past President: Fr Bill Rontani
Board Member at Large: Harriet Garland
Committee Chairs Assigned to President Dan Johnson
  • Administration: Frank Neves
  • Public Relations: Art Deardorff
  • Vocational Service/Training: Stan Nader
  • Membership: Jeffrey McCoy
  • Fundraising: Jerry and Karen Johnson
  • RI Foundation: Jennifer Willis
Committee Chairs Assigned to President Nominee Kimberly Fricke
  • Community Service - David Cesio
  • Youth Service - Kris Wyatt