Welcoming A New Member

Our 4th Thursday Meetings are scheduled for committee meeting times.  It gives the club members a chance to explore possible committee volunteering or chairing that they hadn't previously considered. Thursday, the 24th of January, happened to be a bit more special than just that though.  Lincoln Rotary Club was honored to induct our newest Rotarian, Shanti Landon.  It was mentioned by Darrell Scott, our membership chair, that receiving an invitation to join rotary is no small thing and an honor in itself. In the case of our newest Rotarian, Shanti had informed the club that she had looked and done her research before committing to a service club and knew that Lincoln Rotary was the club for her.  More so, however, it is just as much our clubs honor to welcome her!  Shanti is a vision of what a Rotarian should be, a person who truly embodies service above self.  Welcome to the Club Shanti!



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