President Dan's Kickout
Every year at this time we gather to celebrate the transfer of power in our club.  This was another great demotion of our existing president Dan Johnson and promotion of new president Caron Russell, held at Turkey Creek Golf Club.  Awesome program put together under the leadership of Darrell Scott, assisted by Joann Hilton, Kris Wyatt, Paul Radcliffe, WildBill Cook and others.   
The main program was a roast of President Dan, where we were bound by the 4 way test.  But the committee elected to go lightly on the first 4 and focus on the 5th - Have Fun.  A skit was presented by Joann Hilton, David Cesio and the Sicilian brother David Bonillo and WildBill Cook.  The fun started out as:
"As all of us have experienced, President Dano is a conscientious, careful, organized leader.  Tonight, we are going to pull back the curtain and reveal the forces that go on beneath this calm surface.  Because, we have found that Dan actually has to find a balance between his two egos.   The first one is represented here tonight by Squeaky Clean Dandy Dan – give him a round of applause, please. 
The second force inside of Dano Johnsonio is the dark one, the one he CONTINUOUSLY is battling.  His Alter ego --- GUIDO !!  Now, Guido is an internal voice, so he can’t speak directly to us, so speaking for Guido tonight are the Mafia Boys --- Vito and the one, the only, Don Corleone !!  Please, for your own sakes, give them a big round of applause.
Now, to examine more closely this battle inside Dan, we have some questions to ask each side of his ego."  And the fun went on from there.  You had to be there!
Our poet laureate Alan Lowe presented  the customary poem for the our outgoing president entitled "Dan, Dan He's Our Man, If He Can't Do It, No One Can." Click here to read it.  
And, we had our musician Tony Bellacera, playing the drums!
Linda Scott prepared an excellent 15-minute video of Dan's history, accomplishments and fun during his year as president. It was enjoyed by all. 
Past President Father Bill Rontani orchestrated the presentation of gifts and new pins for Dan and incoming president Carron Russell. 
Thank you Dan Johnson for all you have done for our Club this year. 
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