Rotary Foundation
This was President Dan' last official meeting. He reminded us that Harvey's family had requested that in lieu of flowers, donations to the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation would be welcomed.  Melanie gave a check in memory of Harvey with her regrets that she missed his Celebration of Life and also to commemorate her 27th wedding anniversary.  Coincidentally, Ken Campbell was celebrating his 27th Anniversary as well and matched Melanie's donation.  We had three birthdays: Ana Roa, Kim Fricke and Dave Bonillo.  Happy Birthday to all!!
Karen Johnson (Fund Raising Committee co-chair) reported that ourfund raisers had generated $73,000 this year !!  Caron Russell reminded members to please complete the online survey about fund raisers if you have not. 
Claire reiterated that Dan's Kickout will be on Thursday, June 28th (no meeting on Thursday at noon).  Kickout is at Turkey Creek at 5:30PM.  Cost is $30 each payable in advance. Call Claire at 916-253-3711.  
Jennifer Willis, our club Foundation Chair, was our speaker to bring us up to date on Foundation items, including both the local Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation and Rotary International Foundation.  Her committee had an approved budget of $9,000 and due to requests received additional funding of $3,000 to support RI and international projects.  Jennifer noted that donations to the Rotary International Foundation result in over 90% going to projects which has gained Rotary International the highest rating in Charity Navigator.  She stated that the incidence of Polio has been reduced by 99.9% since Rotary became involved and we are incredibly close to eradication.  The Gates Foundation matching has been extremely effective.  Jennifer had flyer/sign-up sheets for Rotary Direct which provides for anyone to be able to make an automatic donation monthly to RI.  Please consider doing so.  Anyone can give $10 per month, the minimum (and you will never notice it!).  She also discussed Paul Harris Fellows and Paul Harris Society.  If you donate $1,000 in total, you are eligible for a Paul Harris Fellow award.  If you pledge to donate $1,000 per year, you can become a member of Paul Harris Society.  
Jennifer then acknowledged and awarded a Paul Harris Fellow +5 award to her own sponsor Pete Walker, acknowledging his total $6,000 contributed.  Thank you Pete.  Jennifer then announced that this was her last "official" meeting at Lincoln and that she would be transferring to a Club nearer to her home in the Elk Grove area.  She will be missed here in Lincoln.
On Friday, we had the Lincoln Community Blood Drive, championed by WildBill Cook.  The setup crew is shown.  There were 40 pints of lifesaving blood collected.  Congratulations Kimberly McCue for becoming a first-time donor.