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This week's meeting on March 15th, President Dan thanked every single member for their support and work on the very successful Taste of Italy.  Not only were the financial returns exceptional, everyone had a roaring good time.  The numbers are not yet finalized but when they are we will be pleased.  Great job !!
Darrell Scott returned from his extensive trip to Asia. Visited Rotary Clubs that he used to work with, exchanging banners.  Welcome back, Darrell !! Click for more of Darrell's Pictures.
President-Elect Caron spent a moment thanking the Club for the trust we are putting in her for being President starting July 1.  She also thanked us for sending her to PETS which was a wonderful experience that inspired.  She has sent out an online survey and asks that everybody please answer it.  
Claire announced the Social on the 29th of March at her house, signups are in process and you are asked to bring either an appetizer or a dessert.  Our Poet Laureate, Allan Lowe, read an excellent poem regarding Rotary's efforts in the area of water and sanitation.  A thoughtful piece with good imagery.  (Click to Read).
Our Speakers were Karen and Jerry Johnson who co-chair the Fundraising Committee, this new Committee oversees all fundraisers for the Club.  They gave us an update on Tour de Lincoln, our new project that Jerry has been spending about 35 hours per week on since January.  He went over a detailed account of the budget which shows potential net profits of $30,000 and his spreadsheet of the project plan.   They do need volunteers so please let Jerry or Karen know if you can help on the day before (May 11th) or the day of the event (May 12th). More information is on the website www.TourDeLincoln.Org.
Joann also gave a short update on the Lincoln Wine Fest, our next event.  She mentioned that it is not a fundraiser, but is a Community Service event and as such, it is under the Club not the Foundation.  We need all hands on deck volunteers for this as well and please let Richard Pearl know if you can do a 2 hour shift or help setup, etc.  The venues are set downtown, wineries and most of the food suppliers.  Advertising will start before long and tickets are available now through www.lincolnwinefest.org.  
Lots of good opportunities to support our Club !!
Update from previous week's meeting that had been blacked out!
At the last meeting, March 8th, were not allowed to report on our speaker as it was on the Every 15 Minutes program at  Lincoln High School as they were preparing for the event on Thursday and Friday and they insist on keeping it under wraps.
Our speakers were Mary MacQueen, Lincoln HS teacher and Chuck Whitecotton, Principal of Phoenix HS, our alternative HS in Lincoln.  They spoke passionately about the Every 15 Minute program which has been continuously presented in Lincoln since about 1992.  Credit to our own Kris Wyatt who has been a major force for this and still is.  It starts with the Grim Reaper walking to different classrooms to claim the lives of various students by leaving a black rose.  Then they enact a very realisitic scene using Lincoln HS students who have been drinking and have a serious automobile accident. This includes all sorts of emergency services and first responders, police, even a helicopter ambulance at the school.  The kids are visibly shaken as are their parents who visit them in hospital and are filmed hearing the worst news possible.  They keep the "dead" kids over night and there is a mock funeral.  The Community participates wholeheartedly to make this a success.  
It was a very moving description that was further emphasized by the video they showed of the scenes.  This is such a deeply emotional program and it has been shared and copied all over the state.  It's a tribute to our High School and all the people who put this together to save teenage lives.  Our Rotary Club presented them with a check for $1,000 to help with the costs of the program and we are delighted to support it.
A video of the event is being prepared and will be provided when available.