Theodore Roosevelt
 The First Modern President
President Dan was back in good form to run today’s meeting, starting with a list of New Years resolutions that reflect the true Rotary spirit.
Claire Luke had the lucky raffle ticket but could not find the Ace of Spades.  Dan recognized the able-bodied help provided by Paul Parks, Darrell Scott, and Frank Neves in helping him transfer our locker contents to the new location on Joiner.  Some important announcements:
  • Paul Parks announced plans are underway for Cow Chip Bingo to be held Nov 18th on his ranch.  Tickets go for $10 each with proceeds going to Friends of McBean Park.
  • Pete announced the running of next year’s Tour de Lincoln bike race has been awarded to the Rotary Club.  Western Placer Radio Club, of which he is a member, will provide communication equipment as well as SAG vehicles for monitoring and accident handling. 
  • Frank noted the Toys for Tots kickoff at the Woman’s Club next Wednesday at 10am, then a Semper Fi fundraiser at Granite Springs Church on Oct 28th.  Members are encouraged to refer any children in need of Toys for Tots by advising their parents to notify their school administration.
  • Darrell encouraged members to join in celebrating World Polio Day at the Infusion Tap Room next Tuesday, the 24th from 5 to 6:30pm, “Pints for Polio.”  
  • Jennifer said we have a full table for the District Foundation Dinner on Oct 28th. 
  • Preliminary NATR financials show net proceeds of $10,800…. another very successful fundraiser. 
  • Dan announced the upcoming LHS Farm dedication.  For details and registration, go online. 
  • Kris noted Book Buddies today. 
  • Dan advised next week’s meeting will be a club assembly with the foundation budget to be discussed.
Our speakers today were Dave and Susan Radar, bringing little-known facts about Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president known for his character and courage.  David Radar teaches academia, business, government and military, served in the United States Air Force and has worked in the securities, real estate, high tech and defense industries.
Theodore Roosevelt has often been referred to as the "modern president' who more than any other national leader or individual American is responsible for America's rise to a world leadership status. President Theodore Roosevelt was a conservationist, a soldier, statesman, Nobel Prize winner and a Medal of Honor recipient given posthumously by President Bill Clinton after generations of attempts by others. To this day, he remains one of America's "best models" of presidential, visionary, global and executive leader, crisis manager and charismatic communicator. He was by all accounts a strategic thinker, negotiator and decision maker and the most distinguished leader of his age.
President Theodore Roosevelt loved his job as President! TR was the first president to own an automobile, fly on a plane, ride in a submarine, and win a Nobel prize. TR ascended to the office of President upon the assassination of President William McKinley. He was the first President to invite Booker T. Washington to the White House for dinner.
Several items of note: The Philippines was the best example of victory into a foreign country. Biggest regret was telling the press that he was going to leave office after his second term in 1909. As a result he groomed William Howard Taft to replace him as President. He became very unhappy with Taft's term of office and launched the Bull Moose party. Both Woodrow Wilson and TR ran against Taft. This was the first Republican to have a challenger. During the campaign, TR was shot in the side by John Shrank who had been tracking him through eight states in an attempt to assassinate him. TR refused to go to the hospital, instead he went to the auditorium to deliver his speech. He showed the audience his wound because as he said, he was a Bull Moose. He lost the race to Woodrow Wilson through the Electoral College.
Just a couple of more facts about President Theodore Roosevelt. TR was also known as the Trust Buster and was a larger than life president. He served from September 14, 1901 to March 3, 1909.  He read one to five books every day, had a photographic memory and wrote 35 books. 
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