Wellness Within
Dec 07, 2017
Patti Brown
Wellness Within

Wellness Within is the realization of a dream for Patti Brown, Founder and Executive Director of Wellness Within. After 20 years in private practice as a psychotherapist, she decided to honor the tugging at her heart and open a grass roots organization to serve a community dealing with cancer and it’s aftermath.  It is her life’s work to teach, support, and mobilize the body and mind for healing.

Patti’s vision for Wellness Within is to provide a healing oasis to equip individuals and families dealing with a life-threatening illness with the resources, tools and support needed to heal and thrive. She believes we are all equipped with a wellspring of resources that exists within to facilitate present moment joy and transformation even in the face of difficulty.

Patti actively incorporates her training in mind-body medicine to support a community of people struggling with a cancer diagnosis. The Center’s belief is based on honoring the integration of medical treatments and coupling it with mind body practices that enhances the quality of life with dignity and hope.  As the founder of Wellness Within, she understands the profound impact a life threatening illness brings to one’s life and the significance of pulling together a caring, loving community to provide support, comfort and healing.