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Message From Caron Russell
     While having only been in the Rotary Club of Lincoln for a few years, I feel that I have been a Rotarian all of my life.  Our motto; "Service Above Self" spoke to me from my first Rotarian interaction, and daily I see that motto live and breath within our club.  Never have I know a group of people so willing to give of themselves; always for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do.  

     Rotary has been making a difference since 1905, and here in Lincoln since 1925. Originally founded by local leaders, business people, and farmers, it has accomplished much for the community and its citizens in its 94 years of existence.

     Rotary exists to serve the Lincoln Community in areas of Community, Youth, Vocational and Club Service.  Internationally we are involved through World Community Service and the Rotary Foundation.  We also support a local Lincoln Rotary (501-c3) Foundation.  The Rotary Club of Lincoln has been voted the Best Service Club in the “Best of the Best” by the Lincoln News Messenger readers for several years in a row, attesting to the depth of service that Rotary provides this community and the world.

     As I mentioned, a key philosophy of Rotary members is the motto, “Service above Self”. We work tirelessly and with passion to serve others. You can see our Rotary wheel marker on many structures in our community, as we continually work to make improvements in Lincoln.  Many long-term friendships, and bonds are formed among our members by simply serving together for a common reason.

There is a place in Lincoln Rotary for you to:

  •  Volunteer your Skills
  •  Improve your Community
  •  Build your Social or Business Network
  •  Have some Fun

     You can Make a Difference today!  Please join us for lunch!  We meet at noon on Thursdays at the Women's Club, 499 E Street.  I am happy to talk to you about Rotary and our Club.  Please feel free to reach out.  916.717.1351

Caron Russell
President 2018-19

Rotary Club Of Lincoln