Where can women who struggle with substance abuse pursue recovery in our community?  The Women's Recovery Community Center (WRCC) in New Britain, PA. The WRCC was founded in 2006 by The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc (The Council) to provide a safe, structured residential environment to women throughout every stage of their recovery. The WRCC is located in a 100+-year-old historic home and can accommodate up to 12 women at one time. The women who stay at the WRCC are provided caring and individualized support, enabling them to thrive and sustain long-term recovery from substance abuse. The WRCC faced a new obstacle in 2018, one the Rotary Club of Doylestown helped remove.
In 2018 above-average rainstorms resulted in serious leaks to occur throughout the center. The women's living conditions were compromised. A roof repair was badly needed, and so was the money to make it happen.
Each year the Rotary Club of Doylestown grants donations for worthy local projects. Grantees are selected through a competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) process, which draws 30-70 applications and runs from Dec 1 through Jan 31. Jennifer King, CFRE, Executive Director of The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, submitted a request for a grant to help raise the capital for the much-needed roof repairs. The WRCC was selected and awarded a $5,000 grant at the Rotary Club of Doylestown's annual 4 Way Test Breakfast in April.
Since then, the roof has been repaired, ensuring no more leaks and the WRCC's program of services can continue unimpacted. Beyond assisting the women who are residents, the WRCC is a community center too. There are currently 11 residents, and with a variance in the length of time each woman stays, the Women's Center houses approximately 25-30 women in a given year. There is also an active alumni group of women who participate in programs at the center and 20 volunteers dedicated specifically to the Women's Center. As a result of the grant, all have been positively impacted! For more information about the WRCC please click here.