Our newest member, Shawn Herron, is a Young Professional, inducted August 8th by Robert Ainey of the Membership Committee. Shawn was sponsored by Past President Allen Childs, who told us that Shawn hopes to be a published author in the near future. Welcome, Shawn!
Club member Bill Thomas, second from the left, organized our Polo overview and brought along fellow Polo rider, George Daniello, on the left, and Timicum Polo Club Manager Hesham El-Gharby, on the right, to teach us the basics. We learned that the field is 9 times bigger than a football field, players must use their right hand to swing the mallet, both men and women play together, there is NO age limit to the riders, and horses are 75% of the game. The Tinicum Polo Club is the largest on the East Coast and we hope you will come out to cheer them on. Doylestown Rotarians can watch from the shade of our own tent on the home team side, every Saturday until October, weather permitting. Call 908.996.3321 ext 2 on Saturday mornings to see if the match is on!