On December 19th at our Holiday Party, Membership Chair Bob Tessier inducted Jake Atwell (sponsored by Shawn Herron) and Michelle Hunsberger (sponsored by Alexandra Nocella). Jake is the son of member JoAnne Atwell and both Jake and Michelle are Young Professions. Welcome to our club!
Bob Tessier also inducted Kevin Debias on December 19th, who is being pinned by his sponsor, Shawn Herron. Kevin's induction brings our membership total to 87, which was our membership goal for the year. Well done, Bob Tessier  and welcome, Kevin!
Bob Tessier and the YP members, along with exchange students David Staxler from Sweden, at CB West, and Alex Anjarry from France, at CB East. Our YP group has 5 members with 1-2 more planning to join.