Capt. D.F. Pace, Rotary Peace Fellow and attorney, spoke to us on Sept 12th about the 3-month Professional Peace Certificate he earned at Chulalongkorn University (The Harvard of Asia), which he considered to be “on a par with that at the FBI National Academy,” which Pace has attended, and that it “condensed into three months the skills and insights that probably would have taken me 20 years to acquire.” He has put his education into practice on the streets of Philadelphia.


Carol Ferguson, Ed Suarez, Kal Patel and Pat Rider, swinging their purple boas to raise excitement about the "Race to Zero" Purple Pinkie 5k on October 6th. Carol gave us a wonderful presentation on the Polio Plus program that is beautifully summarized in the latest edition of The Rotarian. Don't miss it!


Former Rotarian, Sue McManus, came back to tell after-dinner stories at our Sept 19th meeting at the Water Wheel. Story-telling is her hobby and she adopted many voices as she told her tales. One was about how wine came into being and the other, about how humans became so long-lived. Both left us with a philosophical question to ponder. Thank you, Sue, for a wonderful evening!


Would-be poetess and Foundation Chair, Cheryl deBlecourt, created this fun ditty to pass around on Facebook. How can you not register after seeing this? Join the fun, dress in purple, have some coffee and granola bars and help to make a difference in the world. Polio will be ended in our lifetime!