Every September, our club funds the materials for "Turn the Towns Teal", an ovarian cancer awareness campaign utilizing teal ribbons wrapped around trees, with ovarian symptoms listed on attached labels, to spread the message about this silent killer. We also join the many local supporters who show up to take part! A big thank you to Rotarians who showed up on Labor Day Saturday!


Our VP, Mark Hoffman , who rounded up the TTTT volunteers and brought his whole family to take part in this yearly event. Thank you to the Hoffmans, Linda DiMario, Ken Snyder, Ron Gentile, and the Riders for aptly representing our club.


Another September "opportunity for service" is to help staff the tent for the Boro Dam Fishing Project- a project we also help to fund. The Arts Festival is the perfect place to spread the word about this unique, free activity for youth, handicapped, seniors and veterans who love to fish! Thank you Gene Houck for helping out all day, and to Connie Keener, Ken Snyder and the Riders for taking some booth duty.


We celebrated Jim Schmitt's 90th birthday with a chocolate on chocolate cake, after Jim regaled us with the highlights of his life. As an Indiana farm boy, Jim remembers his dad's popularity as a rye whiskey supplier during prohibition, his test piloting of an aircraft that lost its canopy, his accreditation on at least 15 different aircraft, Captain of the Year for TWA, his second career as a permaculturist, before it became a popular way to cultivate plants... and, of course, his wife and two grown sons. Thank you for entertaining us, Jim! You've had a wonderful life - with more to come.