On October 3rd, 2018, Kelley Nofsgar was inducted into our club by Membership Chair, Bob Tessier. Kelley was sponsored by Bruce Rutherford, who had encouraged her to attend our Wycombe Vineyard picnic to get to know us. I guess she liked us!  Kelley is co-owner of AB-8 Waste Solutions, by the way. Welcome Kelley!
Well- informed Interact student, Amanda Gasiorowski, told us about the "Smile Bags" they are packing for hospitalized children. They raise the money for the contents of the bags by selling donuts twice a week before school starts. They are also buying an Interact Banner to brand their activities.
YP Member Alex Nocella shared her "story" and then went on to describe the company she works for: Shared Support. Alex has her M. Ed. in counseling and has worked in several school districts - meeting her husband at CB West, when she coached Lacrosse. As Director of Employment Services at Shared Support, she helps spread the work about what the company does. They help individuals with developmental disabilities live a more normal life through their residential, community and employment programs. Great presentation, Alex!