Judy Gronman, Executive Director of Sport by Ability Niagara, was our speaker today. She was accompanied by Kimberly Kozub Kostyk and her son Wilson. Kimberly is the daughter of Past President Ron Kozub. Wilson was simply the star of today's "show".

Judy was introduced to our club by Kimberly who we know very well. Kimberly will be celebrating the tenth anniversary this January of the donation of a kidney from her father Ron. [editor's note: Have you signed your donor's card and made your family aware of your intentions?]

Kimberly's presence today is no accident. She had with her today her son Wilson, who has Cerebral Palsy. He is the beneficiary of the work done by our speaker, Judy Gronman, Executive Director of Sport by Ability Niagara. Kimberly gave us a dhort history of Wilson'd growth in sport suuported by the organization.

Judy has been involved for 21 years in sport for the disabled. The primary benefit is the gift of self esteem and confidence that comes from mere participation in sport by a disabled person but the real success is shown by what this leads to outside of sport. Some of the local atheletes have graduated to participation and victory on the national level and gone on in careers at all levels including medecine. Atheletes range in age from 4 to 76.

Sledge Hockey is but one of the sports played locally by disabled persons. Judy went into depth describing the challenge faced in terms of cost. Ice time amounts to $12,000 and a sled can cost from $500 to $1000!

The question period was very lively with both Judy and Wilson answering questions. Judy concluded by inviting us to visit the Seymour Hanna 4 Pad from 5:45 to 7:45 Sundays to watch a game!

Judy was thanked by Jason Pollock.

[editor's note: visit http://sban.ca/page/Home for more info about Sport by Ability Niagara]