Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

Sptember 8, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : Paul Monaghan

Toast:    Cathy Henry

Grace:  Jim Howes


Visitor Introduction : Norris Brown  welcomed Andrea Kriluck, Managing Editor of the St. Catharines Standard. 


Sargeant-at-Arms : Brian Radford began for fining George Fitzpatrick for his part (?) in the listeriosis scare. Brian gave a happy dollar for the great evening put on by the Inner Wheel club and then fined everyone who didn't attend! Bob McKay was happy to have recently read old letters that his mother had kept. Keith is still on a high from a golf experience at Arnold Palmer's course in Latrobe Pennsylvania. He met Arnie, had photos taken and a wonderful time. Cathy Henry still rooting for the Blue Jays! Paul Massuet gave a tip of the hat to Patti Brown for all the work she has done for the Inner Wheel club and especially the dinner last week. Other happy dollars from John Teibert, Ian Forbes, Ron Kozub, Greg McDonald for camping in Killarney, and others.




Greg hosting the board meeting Tuesday.


Our District Governor, Ralph Montesanto, is visiting our club Monday, September 15. He will meet with the board before our regular meeting. He will also be assisting in presenting Paul Harris Fellowships as part of the program. Ralph will be outlining his and Rotary's goals for the upcoming year.


We are planning a club assembly September 22. Location to be confirmed.


The District 7090 Conference is being held Oct 17-19th. Keynote speaker is Bob McDonald of Quirks and Quarks fame. Register online at the District 7070 website. Use this link https://www.rotaryniagara.org/districtconference/registration/ or just Google Rotary District 7090 and follow your nose! Registration is free and you select from a menu of dinners, speaker, and events most of which have fees attached. Very reasonable and very flexible.


Jim Hooper made a GSE (Group Study Exchange) announcement. The exchange next year from our district is to Paraguay and as per the Rotary theme for this year, it is a water specific trip. The District is looking for 4 non-Rotarians who have career paths in water management to go on the exchange. The district committee is also seeking a Rotarian from the district to lead the exchange team. Talk to Jim if you know anyone interested.


Ron Kozub has a great idea for a fellowship activity. At a nominal cost he will organize a beer evening which be both informative and productive as you learn to make beer. We need feedback as to how many would be interested. Let Ron know by email at ronkozub@cogeco.net   or see him next week.


Cathy Henry reported on Hospice Niagara's first anniversary and ground braking plans for the new hospital. More news to come on our involvement in that event. Cathy let us know that there are still a few tickets left for the November Gala. Please see her soon on this. She also handed out information on the Car Rally to benefit Gillian's Place. This event is sponsored by Henley Honda. Many members took part last year and took info this time. Sounds like a good day and certainly a good cause.


Greg Updated us on programs made possible by the Gates Foundation and also informed us as to Google's new major donation to assist in Polio Eradication. He suggested that we could find more information in the Rotarian. You can find more information on the District Newsletter by following the link on our website homepage.


Birthdays:   Laetitia de Witt   recently celebrated a birthday and was suitably serenaded by the club.


50/50 Draw:  Bob McKay had his number drawn but was applauded on not drawing the Queen of Hearts. Only 6 cards left!


Guest Speaker


Dan Toparri introduced Andrea Kriluck, Managing Editor of The St. Catharines Standard. Andrea is a graduate of Carleton University's Journalism program and began her career in Tilsonburg. She has been Managing Editor of The Standard since 2003 and is very active in the community often in leadership roles.


Andrea started her talk by giving us various definitions of "news". There are many variations but there are two common components in that news must have significance and must hold interest. In the case of the Standard there must be a local component or relevance to the readership. Geography, personal impact, competition for news attention, prominence and breadth of interest are other factors that can affect the coverage of news. An example is the coverage of hockey playoffs. They can get huge attention despite their overall relative significance.


Andrea spoke briefly on the new ownership by Quebecor and the resulting opportunities especially in the area of sharing stories and news related services. Whereas the Standard does use these connections and others such as CP, they are staffed with a local team of journalists and photographers who are lead by a team of editors. These editors decide on  things such as content and location with daily meetings allowing for input and discussion.


One of the challenges is to balance bad news and good news. Some days are quiet and known as slow news days which can result is  stories of lesser importance receiving greater prominence.


Andrea spoke briefly on the influences of the internet on the daily newspaper. Competition dictates immediate reporting of news events, a role once held exclusively by radio. The internet allows a story to evolve as it happens and also allows for the use of video. There is an unlimited opportunity for photos on the net. Longer articles are also possible due to similar lack of restrictions on space and cost. Younger people get much of their news online but many also read the paper. Whereas she acknowledged the ever increasing presence of the net she also stated that there is a clear ongoing demand for the print version. The Standard's website is http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/


Andrea finished her presentation with a reference to the paper as "the daily miracle"


We had some very good questions from Paul, Bob, Don and Tom which were skillfully handled by Andrea. Greg McDonald thanked Andrea for her time and presentation.