Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

October 27, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : John D'Ambrosio

Toast:      Norris Brown  

Grace:   Matt Taylor


Visitor Introduction : Ron Kozub  w elcomed


Sargeant-at-Arms : Sheila Bristo was off to a slow start as the first table she approached for happy dollars had none or were simply sharing no joy! Fortunately they were not representative of the club and the dollars started to flow quickly.Cathy Henry was glowing from her "grandmotherly" role as she spent a few days babysitting in New York! Ron Kozub for his attendance at a concert that involved a grandson; Najeeb for making the finals in match play at his golf club; Peter Snodgrass for his visit to family on the East Coast; June was happy as always but I missed for what.Norris donated 10% of his 50/50 draw winnings - more like a happy fraction!.Jim Howes happy to have left the dentist office.Ian happy for a bike ride to Don Mills.Keith happy that his kids are not in the news.Paul, Don and Gregg added some more.Good job Sheila!




Greg summarized some of the accomplishments of the Landmine project supported by our District. The district contribution totalled over $46,000.


Cathy Henry gave us an update on the take it to heart gala, Nov. 15th.  Please pay for tickets if you have not as yet. Event is sold out and will hopefully net $30,000 for the Cardiac Cath Lab at the new hospital. Don't hesitate to consider a donation to the project!


Jim Hooper made a Bingo announcement. Okay for Nov. 15th but volunteers needed for the next three!


Sheila Bristo repeated the request to go online to District 7090 to register for the Foundation Dinner at Salvatore's Restaurant. Date Nov 14, 2008. Follow this link for details and to register. Deadline Nov 3rd. http://www.clubrunner.ca/dprg/dxhome/dxeventstab/_eventitem.aspx?did=7090&index=4069&linkcat=5&dir=f&tail=0


50/50 Draw :  Sheila Bristo  had her ticket drawn but could not find the Queen of hearts. She did however win a copy of our Guest Speaker Ralph Mellanby's latest book "Walking with Legends"


Paul Harris Fellowship Awards


Please see separate article on the presentation of our latest two PHF awards.


Guest Speaker:


Dan Toparri introduced Dr. Ralph Mellanby LLD., well known producer of Hockey Night in Canada for 42 years. Ralph was much more than that in his long career in show business and communications as he began by producing variety shows, entering into contracts and getting to know the likes of Dean martin, Nat King Cole and Celine Dionne as he brought her as an unknown to Ontario for the first time. He won an Emmy for producing the summer Olympics for NBC. He produced a total of 15 Olympic games! His list of credits go on and on and are very impressive.


[ Editor''s Note: Follow the next two links for more information on Raplh Mellanby]






Ralph began his presentation with stories about Don Cherry who he brought on to the Hockey Night in Canada show.  Don is famous for his pronunciation gaffs especially involving French Canada! Don's position became obvious to us all when he insisted on pronouncing Patrick Roy's name in an anglicized fashion. Ralph then told a New York cab story that demonstrated his attitude towards Russians,  We soon realized that Ralph was full of little stories that were both interesting and very entertaining.


We laughed at his Bettman  lines and he brought us closer to home with his praise Ted Darling, the long time voice of the Buffalo Sabres.


He claims to have traveled so much that when his 5 year old son was asked "what does your father do?", he responded with "He works at the airport!"


His hero in hockey is quite apparent. He strongly feels that Bobby Orr was the greates player of all time.  He told us a few stories as to the talents Bobby displayed and how things he did in practice were truly amazing He does say that Gordie Howe was the greatest ambassador for the sport.


He naturally had to discuss the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada from its beginnings through to its' sale to TSN. He claims to have recommended its' outright purchase at the start so that it would "brand" the new show. It was replacing the jingles used by the three sponsors of the previous production involving Molsons, Imperial Oil and (  ?? ). Although I forget who the third sponsor was, I do remember the tale he told about why the decision to purchase the tune was not made, but he suggested that I couldn't put it in print.


Paul Monaghan had the pleasure of thanking Ralph for entertaining us and reminded those in attendance that we had a "great Canadian" with us today.