Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

November 10, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : John D'Ambrosio

Toast:      Bob McKay  

Grace:   Paul Monaghan who lead us in a reading of "In Flanders Fields"


Sargeant at Arms: John Teibert was  taking Happy Dollars today and no fines. Ian started with three, one for babysitting his new grandson, one for his brother Louis' picture in the business section of the Globe this morning and the last for riding in today in the wind and cold. Cathy Henry was at a social event at an unnamed home and was pleased to recognize the artist of a prominently displayed painting as that of our own Ed Telenko! Dan Toparri pleased to announce that his family is growing by leaps and bounds.John D'ambrosio happy to be going to the airport to pick up his brother.Jim Howes pleased to report that he is celebrating his marriage of 47 years to saint Nancy of Fonthill.. Norris was happy as was Sheila and Najeeb.




Greg read excerpts from a letter from the District Conference Committee thanking us for our basket for the auction. Greg went on to thank the committee of Cathy and June who organized the project. A total of $3400 was raised by the basket auction.


Greg reminded everyone to pay their dues.


Jim Hooper asked who was going to the Take it to Heart Gala so that he could identify those who weren't! He needed three of those remaining to assist at Bingo.


Sheila reminded those attending the Foundation dinner on the 14th to meet at the Holiday Inn at 4:30 to car pool.


Ed Telenko reminded us of the nomination process for the Howard Etherington Award. If you know of a good cause that would benefit from the $2000 awarded by the club in honour of Howard Etherington, please get them to submit a letter explaining their need and the use to which the funds would go.


Guest Speaker:


Ron Kozub introduced Paul Monaghan, our President Elect who is reporting on our club's Membership Committee work. Paul has been a Rotarian since 1994, initially with the Niagara Falls Sunrise Club of which he is a Past President. He is currently the General Manager of the George Darte Funeral Chapel.


Paul began by saying that he is joined on the membership committee by John D'Ambrosio, Peter Snodgrass, and Julio Batres. He suggested that our club mirrors the situation of Rotary worldwide in the challenge to keep and attract new members. Rotary is actually growing in many areas as it expands its' influence but in other areas, especially in North America, it is in a slight decline in numbers.


To this end his committee has put in place a ten week plan which he shared with us today in the way of a power point presentation. Paul was careful to say that much of the plan is based on District committee work and that borrowed from a few active clubs nearby.

This is the outline of the plan:


1)      Appoint a Membership Committee


2)      Create a Club Membership Plan for the year


3)      Create a Club Profile


4)      Create a Member Survey, covering all aspects of the club


5)      Create a Retention Strategy Plan


6)      Create a Recruitment Strategy Plan using a ten week Membership Drive program


7)       Execute the Club Membership Plan


Paul proceeded to outline our progress on each step of the plan and then handed out the Member Survey to those present. They were completed and handed in. Extra copies for those not in attendance will be available at the next meeting and sent out by email so as to get a full response from the club.


Step six was explained in more detail as it requires significant planning and effort. It involves targeting classifications that would enhance our membership, planning a membership drive evening meeting, scheduling strong speakers for meetings to which we would invite prospective members, and a program of classification talks by both new and long time members.


Paul will update us on the status of the committee's ongoing efforts and detailed plans as they evolve over the upcoming weeks.


Thanked by President Greg.


Norris gave an attendance report of 25 in attendance, two make ups and no guests.