Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Cathy 
Tomorrow marks the beginning  of Vocational Month for Rotary

National Anthem led by John Teibert

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Tom Shultz

Peace Invocation led Ian Forbes

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians - Cathy
Georgette Taylor, Dr. David Henry & Donna Kozub

Sergeant-at-Arms by Frank Parkhouse

Happy dollars collected from:
Bob, Shafee, John, Jim Howes, Graham, Brian, Dr. Henry, Ian, Donna, Tom, Frank, Ron, Jeff, Sheila, June, Jean, Georgette, Matt, Najeeb, Debi, Cathy & Arie


Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

None this week

50/50 Draw 

Donna won the draw but not the cash.



Bingo - John Teibert – Thank you to all who volunteered last bingo.  Next bingo is Saturday, October 12th.

Happy Hour - Arie - What a wonderful night on Wednesday.  Great job Arie!  We voted and decided to keep the Happy Hour at Wildfire this month.

Grape and Wine Festival Parade - John - 26 exchange students participated in the Rotary precession with John.  They carried their country’s flags and walked behind the Rotary banner that Mark designed & created.  John has lived in St. Catharines for 30 yrs., and this was the first time he went to Grape & Wine.  It was fun for all!

Over 60 Outstanding Citizens Evening - Arie - They are looking for more nominees & volunteers for the event.  All the cash raised is staying in the community.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - November 25th - Golf Club - Shafee – Recommendations are going to be sent to the board for approval.

2013 District Assembly - October 25th - 27th - Marriott Hotel, Niagara Falls. - Online registration is now available on the new RI web site. Our silent auction item is going to be tremendous- thanks to Mark and all who are contributing their golf ball, tees, ideas etc.. Please deliver your old tees & golf balls to Mark. This is a wonderful fundraiser that we all should support. TreesThatFeed will be highlighted during the  District Conference at the House of Friendship. Donna brought up a wonderful idea- gift certificates to buy breadfruit trees and give for Christmas gifts!

Polio Plus - Cathy - The loose coins are adding up in Miss Piggy and we should be able to donate a sizeable amount at year end to Polio Plus.

Ice Dogs - Jim - It was a great night with 16 members joining in the fun.

Cambridge Rotary Club Car Rally - Cathy - 2 years ago the Cambridge Rotary Club sent three cars to our Explore Niagara car rally - to share in fellowship but also learn about hosting their own rally. This Sunday is their first event and all are welcome. They took our ideas and suggestions and adapted them to their own environment. Another example of Rotary being engaged. I have sent our best wishes to them and look forward to hearing all about it. Maybe we can, in turn, incorporate some of their ideas to our own. If anyone would like to know further information about attending- please contact me and I’ll send you the link to it.

Professor Bill Boehlen - Cathy  - Last week’s speaker was very informative and passionate about his class and the documentary about their travels to South Africa. He showed a few clips of the video- some members have expressed an interest in seeing the rest of it. Bill has also expressed an interest in learning more about our club and to possibly become a member. If you are interested - I can ask him back to show the entire video and further his dialogue.   A vote was held and we would like him to return to show the whole film.

TreesThatFeed - Cathy
I have been asked by The Rotary Lakeshore Club to present our project about the TTFF in Jamaica - I will be doing this next Wednesday, October 9th. I have also been asked to present it to the Rotary Club of Fort Erie. Once again- Rotary engaging Rotary. Najeeb has also sent an eblast to his friends and contacts to ask if they would like to support us in this quest to alleviate hunger- beginning in Jamaica and eventually spreading around the world. To date - he has been able to obtain funding for an additional 500 trees. If we all used his format, of reaching out to our friends, contacts etc - we can make a huge difference. Congratulations Najeeb on inspiring everyone to reach out.  Don’t forget to purchase trees for giving as Christmas, birthday etc. gifts.

District Grants - Cathy
John, June and I will be attending the Rotary seminar on Saturday to sign the documents enabling our club to apply for District grants. Without two members signing the documents, the new rules of RI will not allow us to apply. Thankfully John is the District Grants Chairman so we can get through any requests efficiently.

Are there any other announcements?
Najeeb will be starting his food bank in November.  Please donate non perishable food items to this worthy cause.

Early Leavers - None

- Cathy

Georgette & Dr. Matt Taylor.  Georgette & Matt have volunteered throughout the world including Guatamala (x 8) for dental clinics, Baja, Mexico for a dental clinic, Nepal, Africa (4 different trips)
Georgette - India (4 times) participated in the polio plus program by immunizing the children.

GUEST SPEAKERS Matt and Georgette Taylor

Matt and Georgette went on an amazing trip to Antarctica.  They showed wonderful pictures and taught us about Antarctica. Did you know that it is the size of the U.S.A. & Australia combined?  It is the coldest, driest & windiest continent in the world.  Antarctica helps to keep the worlds temperature stable.  Most of Antarctica is desert.  No single country owns Antarctica which means that there cannot be any exploration of oil or minerals.  This trip took 3 weeks to take with seeing the Falkland Islands and Uruguay as well.



Attendance Report
22 members, 3 Guests, 66% attendance

Quote of the day St. Augustine

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Adjournment: Cathy

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?
Yes, please bring a non-perishable food item to next week’s meeting for World Food Day.

Next Monday, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving as there is no meeting the following Monday.
If not - thank you all for making our first Happy Hour so very happy and for everything that you do for Rotary. Have an engaging, laughter filled week.

Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:15pm