Rotary Niagara Marathon coming to a town near you, from a club near you!!



Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

AGENDA - November 21

12:15 p.m. Call to Order: John Tiebert         

1. National Anthem: Kris Akilie

2. Toast to the Queen & Canada: Jean Stewart

3. Invocation: Roseanne Morissette

4. Lunch (reconvene at 12:30)

5. Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Ron Kozub

- Dave Martineau, a prospective member was back out to visit us today as well as our guest speaker from the Sunrise Club, Bob Mahony.

6. Sergeant-at-Arms: Ian Forbes

- 12 people gave happy (or otherwise) dollars to the sergeant today. Dollars ranged from Jim Hooper thanking everyone for their donations to his Movember efforts, he raised a total of $69.00. June was happy to be with us again and we were happy to see her. Najeeb Syed took a moment to update us on the 65 pairs of shoes that are being donated to the needy in Africa. Ed Telenko and Cathy Henry took a moment to spar over the TiCats loss to the Blue Bombers, Ed presented Cathy with a "celebratory" bottle of wine and Cathy gracefully took a moment to rub some salt in the wound.

7. Announcements:             

              1.  Bingo- Next bingo is Friday November 25. Derrick Tomlinson is leading. John D’Ambrosio, Roseanne Morissette, Jean Stewart and her husband have volunteered, thank-you.

              2.  Paul Harris Fellowships—November 28 we will be recognizing our nominated Paul Harris Fellows. Please plan to attend this special meeting bring your spouses and friends. Rumor has it that our DG John Heise may be attending as well.

              3. Please mark your calendars for the afternoon of December 4 for the President’s Holiday Open House.  Details will come in the near future.

              4. Memorial Lunch-November 29-Give Honour to Those Who Gave, hosted by the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Sunrise, 12:00 to 1:30, $20.00/per person. To order tickets call 905-935-6960. Proceed to go towards the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Fund.

             5. RI Convention- Rosanne M and John T.  will be attending the Convention on April 14th, 2012, at the Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY.               

8. Birthdays: none this week

9. 50/50 Draw: $2/ ticket - Find one of two Jokers. Paul Massuet won the ticket draw for the second week in a row, but in keeping with his now 17 year losing streak, he didn’t win the pot.

10. Early Leavers- Kris Akilie, Dave Martineau and Peter Snodgrass all had time constraints so they had to leave early and were promptly fined at the door.  

11. Introduction of Guest Speaker: Dan Toppari - Our guest speaker is Bob Mahoney, Co-Chair Niagara Rotary Marathon.

The Rotary Club of St. Catharines Sunrise is undertaking a major annual fundraising project to help raise funds for the “It’s Our Time” campaign. The Goal is to fund two operative delivery suites for the NHS. They are undertaking a marathon and a half marathon on April 15, 2011. The intention of the presentation was not to ask for funding but to make the club aware of the event and hope that, because it is a Rotary event, that we may consider participating in another fashion such as manning a water station or lending the use of our tent, etc.

12. Thanking the Speaker: Jim Hooper        

13. Attendance Report: Ron Kozub – 18 members present, 6 make ups and two guests for a total of 88%.

14. Next meeting –: November 28 Our Paul Harris celebration, please plan on attending

15. Rotary Minute or Inspiring Quote: Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities.