Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Cathy Henry

National Anthem led by Shafee Bacchus

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Frank Parkhouse

Peace Invocation led by Ian Forbes

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m. 

Marlene Madar- President of the Lakeshore club

Sergeant-at-Arms by Jeff Thomas
Shafee, Peter, Paul, Najeeb, Lynn, Jim, Matt, Marlene, Ed, Frank, Brian, Cathy & Cora

Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition
Mark Beaudry- November 21st
Sheila Bristo-November 24th

Rotary Anniversaries
Sheila Bristo- 7 years- Nov 22, 2006

50/50 Draw 
Jeff won the draw but not the cash.


Cathy -

Our thoughts and prayers are with Graham Repei and his family at this time.  A card has been sent to Graham on behalf of all of us and a memorial service will be held for Del at a later time-  in lieu of flowers-donations to Hospice Niagara- The Stabler Center would be appreciated.

International Committee- Our International Committee was unable to meet as scheduled due to conflicts but will be meeting shortly to discuss our annual donations.

Board meetingThere will be a Board meeting at  Cathy’s home tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 P.M.- would all Directors please send their reports to Lynn for entering into the minutes

Shelter Boxes - Rotary has become very involved with aid to the Philippines with  Shelter Boxes already on the ground, Any donation of financial  assistance will be matched by the Canadian government but the deadline is Dec 8th. Rotarians from Woodstock  have mobilized and are already on the ground meeting other Rotarians – it’s amazing what Rotary ingenuity and determination can accomplish- what assistance our club may be able to provide will be discussed at the Board meeting tomorrow and be brought forward for your approval.

The Trees That Feed -I presented our project- The Trees That Feed- to the Rotary Club of Ancaster last Tuesday- this is the club that Roy Sheldrick belongs to and we support with donations to his water wells in Haiti program= Ancaster club members are arriving in Haiti this week and have been connected to the Trees That Feed nursery in Haiti to possibly gather trees to plant around their wells. Their Club International committee will be looking at how they can support our project.

Bingo -John Teibert - We need another volunteer for the next bingo.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - Rob Welch- November 25th- Golf Club – everything is set to go!

Marlene Madar- Visited us from the St. Catharines Lakeshore Club and presented their new fundraiser for their Literacy Program.  Buy a ticket for $10.00 for a chance to win 6 cases of wine!

Donations for Shelter Boxes - Jim Hooper announced that he and another State Farm agent are asking for donations for Shelter Boxes through an email campaigne.  What a wonder idea!  Each box costs $1,000.00

Early Leavers - Brian

Introduction of Speaker: Cathy
John Van Laar: District Governor 2003 – 2004

John joined the Rotary Club of Thornbury – Clarksburg in 1990 and served as President in 1996-97.  John served as District Governor in 2003-04 for District 6330.  Presently he is a member of the Rotary Club of Collingwood South Georgian Bay, District 7010.

Rotary is the lifeline of John and Cora.  They believe that Rotary has helped the world in so many ways that without a second thought they opted to be Major Donors, Benefactors, Bequest Society members and John is a member of the Paul Harris Society.

Cora is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Cebu Guadalupe in the Philippines.  Once a Rotarian will always be a Rotarian, she is now a member of the Rotary Club of Collingwood South Georgian Bay.

Both work full time in helping District 3860 through matching grants and their very successful project “Back to School”.

In 2008, John was honoured to be the President’s representative at a District Conference in the Philippines and lead a team of 7 Past Governors in that District.

In March 2013 he received the SERVICE ABOVE SELF award.

In 2005, while visiting the Philippines, John met a child that changed his life.  Due to the extreme poverty that he witnessed, John decided that there was something to be done to help the poor children and help them to be self- sufficient.  John realized that to change their lives, the children need to be educated.  44% of all Philippine population lives in poverty on less that P50 a day which is less than $2.00 a day.  10% of the children cannot go to school.  If you don’t educate the kids, then you have Glue Sniffing (to ease the hunger pains) – Begging (to help buy food) or Terrorism (because of the promise of food).
Education is the only solution!
Due to John & Cora’s diligence 200 former street kids are now employed with Lear Industries.
$50.00 a year can change the life of a child!
Visit their website to learn more and to donate.

Thanking the speaker: Cathy

17 members, 3 guests, 50% attendance

Quote of the day 
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world –Nelson Mandela

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?


Congratulations to our Honourary member- Ed Telenko- from the wilderness to the Grey Cup- he and many Hamilton fans are celebrating this week

Enjoy the Grey cup everyone!

Have an engaging, successful and happy week.

Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:35pm