Welcome and Meeting Called to Order

Cathy Henry welcomed everyone to the barbecue with special mention to  our visiting District Governor, Mr. Kevin Crouse and his lovely wife Rebecca

National Anthem led by Paul Monahgan

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Arie Vrugteveen

Peace Invocation led by Donna Cummings


Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting re-convened at 12:30 p.m. 


Sergeant-at-Arms by Ian Forbes

Happy Dollars that were received were from Ian Forbes, Dan Toppari, Paul Monaghan, John Teibert, David Henry, Matt Taylor, George Fitzpatrick and Peter Snodgrass.  Thank you gentlemen!



Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

John D’ Ambrosio – July 15th
Roseanne Morissette – July 28th
Graham Repei – July 10th


Graham & Del Repei – July 17th, Congratulations to 20 years.
Arie & Joanne – July 11th – Congratulations to  5 years.


50/50 Draw

Brian won the draw but NOT the cash...Sorry!




Congratulations to our intrepid Tour du Lac riders – Dan Toppari, Ian Forbes and Paul Monaghan ....YOUR commitment to the cause is unbelievable – Thank You from all Niagara citizens!

The board meeting is tonight at 7pm

The Charter ceremony for District 7090’s newest Rotary club – the Eclub of Sowny will be this Saturday.  If anyone would like to attend, please register on line.  Unfortunately, Cathy cannot attend but would like to send a message on behalf of our club.


Under the direction of MC Rob Welch, as he read the duties of each Director, he presented them with a theme pin Engage Rotary, Change Lives

Introduction of our new Board of Directors presented by Rob Welch.

President – Cathy Henry
Vice President & Membership – Jim Hooper
Secretary & Past President – Lynn Beaudry
Treasurer – Debi Garneau

Club Administration –
Frank Parkhouse
Community Service – John D’Ambrosio
Foundation – Rob Welch
International Services – Najeeb Syed 
New Generations – Arie Vrugteveen
Public Relations – June Manning

Congratulations to your positions and an exciting year!


Our District Governor, Kevin Crouse and his wife Rebecca, then cut our Rotary theme cake - so  beautifully decorated by our own Lynn Beaudry



Our President’s Address – Cathy Henry

With the formation of Rotary on February 23, 1905- did Gustavus Loehr,Silvester Schiele,Hiram Shorey and Paul Harris realize that 108years later- there would be over 33,000 clubs and over 1.2 million like minded people around the world. As the 167 flags from different countries were raised at the opening ceremonies in Lisbon and we welcomed a new country into the Rotary family- The Republic of The Moldives-the fellowship and ideals- Service Above Self-  that we all share were evident throughout the Convention  Center. -We all have in common t he Humanitarian spirit of Rotary..We see a need, we act, we build, we support,  we organize and we engage to  save  and change lives.

As I stand before you as your President for  this year, I hope that  some of my thoughts will resonate with you all. What is our mandate? What is our collective philosophy What are our priorities and what are the intangible benefits that we all will share in the coming year. I attended this year’s Rotary International Convention in Lisbon feeling that our club has been more than successful in living up to Rotary International’s ideals. Our family like cohesiveness compares with any of the clubs that I spoke to in Lisbon.The fact that so many clubs from so many diverse countries want to partner with us is a testament to our club’s character. The recognition from other delegates that Rotary South recognizes and encourages our members from all backgrounds was  applauded . I truly hope that this diversity will continue to grow as we move forward.
This year, Rotary International’s theme is Engage Rotary- Change Lives.
The definition of “ to Engage” is to  occupy, attract or involve. 

Our club is already meeting that definition by being engaged or involved  in doing good for our community ,our country and internationally. The continuity  of Rotary depends on all of us becoming involved or engaged with  the ideals- not only the Rotarian member but also his or her family and friends-team work is the road to success- starting with the family and moving on to the club, community  and abroad. Each of us has a meaningful role to play and each contribution must be valued and respected . Let’s include family members and friends in more meetings and social get togethers. Let’s  include the children of Rotarians so that they can learn what it is all about from an early age..Our youth-Ryla,Slapshot, Youth Student Exchange –  New Generations, along with the wisdom of our older members, are our future. There are over 15,000 Interact clubs around the world-  we must challenge each other to make it  at least 15,001 this coming year..Our Rotary medals recognize our youth- our future. Let’s not just give them their medals and wish them well- let’s follow up with the next stage of their lives- where are they now- 5 nd 10 years later- do they still need help- can we continue to support them in mentoring or networking- will they become good Rotarians for the future.

Asking a new member to join is wonderful but it must not stop there. Each new member must become inspired,  and must become engaged from the very beginning..Our  Club mentorship program is powerful and is the main stay for new members to feel welcome and involved. Let’s continue to expand this program. In this coming year we should challenge each other so that each of us brings in at least one new member.- Ask a family member, friend or co worker to come join us. So many people have said they have never been asked- this year- let’s ask.

Appreciate being a Rotarian - 
the diversity in the work that Rotary does around the globe- reaching across all barriers. Polio eradication, clean water, water wells and sanitation- literacy, and  education health and  nutrition, economic empowerment for individuals in  communities in need

Giving  back to our community and country - 
No matter the size of the club- let’s get engaged-get involved together Be proud of what we have  accomplished in our community- a commitment to changing lives- 
Lets continue to make an investment in our community for the future well being of us all and while positively impacting those who need help the most-the Intangible benefits- the joy and satisfaction individually and the collective whole that we share together  will change many lives- including our own.

I close with the quote:
Let the decisions that were made in the past be the architect of our present and future.

Thank you.


Wendy Laslo presented Lynn Beaudry with the gavel plaque and District Governor Kevin Crouse presented the Past President pin.
Cathy Henry presented Lynn with a beautiful flower spray.
Roseanne Morissette was away for this meeting but will be presented her pin and plaque at another time.


Introduction of District Governor Kevin Crouse by Cathy Henry
District Governor’s Points of Interest:

Our District Governor, Mr. Kevin Crouse
District Governor Kevin Crouse was very complimentary with our club successes.

He wanted to let us know that we are the #1 club for Facebook Campaigning.  He liked our Board of Directors report.  Mr. Crouse stressed to us the importance of following up on the new awards that are being presented this year.  Our Peace through Service project was his first choice for the Governor’s District award.  He believes our “Bullying Hurts” project has a great message and it is close to his heart since he is a retired teacher.

The Governor’s District award will be focusing on Engagement this year.  How many people have we touched and tried to engage in Rotary?
He also wants us to focus on the Heads, Hearts & Hands campaign which focuses on our silent heroes who work hard improving Rotary, their community and volunteering their time.
We need to engage all our members to join in the work that Rotary does.  If you don’t feel engaged then you will feel left out and that is not what Rotary wants.  Every member is an important part of our Rotary family.

Kevin also believes in Rotary getting back into socializing.  He believes that we should involve our spouses and families in fun activities so they can meet the people who we spend our Monday lunchtime with.

We need to improve our retention rate and get young people involved.  People love to help....we just have to ask.
He is looking for great things from our club and he told us that we always deliver!

Thanking the District Governor- Cathy Henry 

Kevin Crouse was thanked and presented with a pen as a small token of our appreciation for coming to share in our special ceremony of the  Induction of our new Board of Directors and to help us begin our new Rotary year with his encouraging words.



Attendance Report by Jeff Thomas

Jeff reported 22 members & 6 guests – 60%.


Next Meeting

July 22nd


Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:30pm