Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Cathy Henry

As we continue to celebrate the family during this month of December, let us not forget those less fortunate than ourselves. 

National Anthem led by Mike Gionet

Toast to Queen and Canada led by John D’Ambrosio

Peace Invocation led by Paul Managham

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m. 

Macenzie Kish and Jeff Miguvren

Sergeant-at-Arms by Joe Pfeifer
John T. Kriss, John D., Sheila, Frank, Jeff, Mike K., Jim H., Shafee, Tom, Najeeb, Paul, Mike, Brian, Joe & Cathy.


Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition
As we are not meeting on December 23 or 30, 
Happy Birthday          
Bernard Triebe - December 22nd
Paul Massuet - Decemebr 30th

Happy Anniversary - Brian and Ann Hughes   December 16th

50/50 Draw 

Kris won the draw but not the cash.


Fireside - our first Fireside gathering was last Thursday, at Matt and Georgette’s, A special thank you to them for hosting the get together and to Matt and Ed for sharing our incredible history- we all learned things about our past and the energy, spirit and suggestions that were discussed bode well for our future. All the  comments and suggestions will be brought to the Board next Tuesday

December 14th Memorial Service for Del Daignault-Rockway Glen Golf Club @ Noon.

Trees That Feed the gift certificates are ready-many thanks to Mark for the design. Can be downloaded- any donation over $25.00 is eligible for a tax receipt

December 16th - is our family Christmas party-our elves will be helping everyone get into the Christmas spirit Santa will be arriving at approximately 1 PM- please bring family and friends to share with us a beautiful day of music and magic for the little ones, If you are bringing a child- please bring  wrapped ,labeled present to be placed under the tree so that Santa can give it to him or her.
Also - we are collecting coats, jackets hats, boots, gloves and mittens to be given to Community Care and non perishable food items to give to Najeeb’s food bank.
Please register on line so that we can give the Golf Club a head count

Board meeting: - There will be the final Board meeting for this year at Cathy's home on Tuesday, December 17th at 4:30 PM

December 22, 2013 - our Board of Directors Christmas Party - all members and families are welcome
David and Cathy’s home- 51 Tremont Drive  2:00 P.M. -5:00 P.M.
Please bring a non perishable food item for the food bank.

Sustaining Members - over the years many Rotarians from around the world and our club have become sustaining members of the Foundation- as we move towards qualifying for the Rotary Presidential Citation, please consider contributing to the Foundation so that we can continue to promote Rotary’s works worldwide.

Polio Plus Piggy - 17 cases of children being paralyzed in Syria has galvanized a World Health and Unicef vaccination campaign for 23 million children in the Middle East- due to lack of access to vaccinations due to the war and refugees fleeing their country’s conflict- the vaccinations will take place in Egypt,Iraq,Jordan,Lebanon,The West Bank and Gaza Strip and Turkey. It is the largest ever immunization response in the area. A request has been forwarded to all parties in the conflict in Syria to cooperate and facilitate pauses in hostilities over the coming 6 months to allow vaccination campaigns to reach all children. The strain of the disease is related to the one that originated in Pakistan and has now been found in Egypt, Isreal, The West Bank and Gaza Strip. This makes our little piggy all that more important as Rotary assists this vital program.

Bingo - John – The next bingo is Friday December 20th.  Please be at Delta Bingo hall at 5:30pm.  We need more volunteers.

There will be no meetings on Monday, December 23rd or Monday, December 30th

Early Leavers: Brian & Sheila

Introduction of Speaker: Kris

Guest Speaker: Gennext is United Way of St. Catharines & District’s next generation of leaders, volunteers and donors.  Gennext was established to initiate a peer to peer campaign and execute an outreach strategy with a goal of raising awareness for United Way and its agencies among community members in their 20s and 30s.  For more information visit

Thanking the speaker: John Teibert

24 members, 65% attendance

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?


Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:10pm