Matt and Georgette will be hosting Karen Ting from Nov. 28-Feb 20 Members on the list to take her out need to contact her at our home. Karen will be spending Christmas with the Bratton's Dec.23-28th while the Taylors for the holidays. More...
As promised I have made a list for Rotarians to take our exchange student Karen out sometime during the week your name is listed. If you can't, please arrange with another Rotarian to take your place.
Week of:
Nov.3rd-10th: Cathy Henry 688-0138
Nov.17th-24th John Klassen 892-4634
Dec.1th-Dec.8th Ron Kozub 892 8115
Dec.15th-Dec.22 June Manning 646 6527

Rotarians: Please mark your calendars and take Karen out during your specified date. If you can't, please arrange a replacement. She is a delightful young lady and you will really enjoy her company. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate- just an evening for supper, a drive to Niagara Falls, or even a quiet evening at home etc. Her ph.# at the Bratton's is 905 938 5160. Her ph.# at the Taylor's is 905-684-5537 Regards in Rotary, Matt