We present to you the 2009-2010 Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South.

by Ron Kozub:    

President Greg, distinguished guests, ladies, gentlemen and my fellow Rotarians. It is my great privilege, on your behalf, to conduct the induction ceremony for this year's incoming Board of Directors.

President: Paul Monaghan                                                                                 Vice-President /Membership Development: John Teibert
Secretary: Sheila Bristo
Treasurer: Debi Garneau
Past President: Greg McDonald
Community Service: John D'Ambrosio
Club Service: Jason Pollock
International Service: Laetitia de Witt
Public Relations: Cathy Henry
Rotary Foundation: Roseanne Morissette
Director-at-Large: Jean Holbert-Leighton

Jean, as Director at Large, your role will be:

  • to participate fully at all Board meetings; and
  • to serve our President Paul, as required by him.

Roseanne, as Rotary Foundation Director, your duties include:

  • informing the members on the progress of Foundation Programs and Goals, including Polio Plus;
  • developing and carrying out plans to support the Foundation and its 2009-2010 goals;
  • soliciting, evaluating, and selecting Paul Harris Award recipients;
  • bringing the recommendations to the Board and the Membership for approval;
  • arranging the Paul Harris Award presentation;and
  • keeping the membership informed on Foundation Matching Grants and Simplified Grants.

Cathy, as Public Relations Director, your duties include:

  • developing and executing a plan to provide the public with information about Rotary and the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South, our service projects and activities;
  • bringing recommendations to the Board and Membership for approval;and
  • keeping club members informed by preparing and posting the weekly Club bulletin on the website.

Laetitia, as International Service Director, your duties include:

  • evaluating and selecting international service projects that address the needs within international communities;
  • bringing recommendations to the Board and Membership for approval; and
  • being responsible for the Scholarships Subcommittee and Group Study Exchange Subcommittee.

Jason, as Club Services Director, you are charged with administering our most active committees. These committees control the operation of our Club. They include:

  • scheduling guest speakers for our weekly meetings;
  • ensuring meeting room is properly set up with flags and banners;
  • welcoming members and guests;
  • operating the hospitality desk at meetings, compiling announcements for meetings;
  • the Sergeant-at-Arms;
  • introducing guests and visiting Rotarians;
  • announcing meeting attendance;
  • arranging for Club Assemblies;
  • fellowship duties, which include:
    - planning and arranging firesides;
    - club social activities;
    - the interclub meeting with Blasedell;
    - sick and visiting
  • attendance and roster duties, which include maintaining club attendance records and current club roster information;
  • club History duties include:
    - compiling information and updating as required; and 
    - selecting events from the club history and presenting to the club monthly.

John D'Ambrosio, as Community Service Director, your duties include:

  • evaluating and selecting service projects that address the needs within our community;
  • bringing recommendations to the Board and Membership for approval;
  • major fundraisers, which include:
    - planning and arranging for the Club's annual major fundraising events such as, The "Take it to Heart" Gala in association with May Court Club of St. Catharines and PerformanceCars; 
    - the Bingo Subcommittee, which duties include conducting scheduled bingos at the Delta Bingo hall and submitting monthly reports to the city; t
    - the Rib-fest Subcommittee duties, which include planning and arranging the Club's participation in Rib-fest.

Debi, as Treasurer, your duties are:

  • to ensure that a) the club financial records are properly and accurately maintained; b) our dues with the District and RI are current; c) our bills are paid on time; d) all of our financial reports are filed on time.

Sheila, as Secretary your function is one of Communication:

  • keeping the club's records up to date and communicate with the District and Rotary International on the status of our Club;
  • keeping the club membership informed of District and other Rotary events;
  • communicating to organizations outside of our club, such as other Rotary clubs and/or community group;
  • monitoring the pulse of our club and recommending to the Board when actions are needed to ensure a smooth and harmonious operation of our club.

Administratively you will be responsible for:

  • club strategic planning and bylaw duties;
  • developing long range plans (3 to 5 years) that address the elements of an effective Rotary Club;
  • leadership development;
  • updating the club bylaws as needed;
  • bringing updates and recommendations to the Board and Membership for approval.

John Teibert, as Vice-Chair and Incoming President, your job is t o observe and assist President Paul as you prepare for your year as Club President.

  • As Membership chair your duties include:
    - maintaining, updating and implementing the member recruitment plan;
    - installing and maintaining a new member orientation procedure; 
    - administering a club leadership development program. It is through the development of new leaders, such as incoming President Paul, that we can ensure the continuation of our club.

Lastly, as a seasoned veteran and Past President of our Club, you will provide the added benefit of experience. This is a contribution that is tremendously valuable to our new board, the club, and to Rotary in general. 

Past President Greg, you have entered the alumni of Past Presidents of our club. It is now my pleasure to present you with your new lapel pin as Past President. Your new role is to observe and to offer advice when asked. You will chair our Past President's committee, one role of which is to select next year's Board of Directors.

Rotarian Paul, you have been chosen by your fellow Rotarians to be President of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South for the Rotary year 2009/2010. You will be our 42nd President. It is my honor to induct you to the office of President. As such you will be the key officer of this Rotary club. 

  • You will preside over regular meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors;
  • You have those qualities that exemplify the ideals and principles of Service to further the object of Rotary through the four avenues of service.

I present to you the gavel which is the symbol of your authority of this Rotary club. I now present you with the lapel badge signifying that you are our President. As such, your fellow Rotarians and the public at large will recognize you as a leader of Rotary and the leader of our fine club. Wear it with Pride.

Ladies, gentlemen and my fellow Rotarians, I present to you the 2009/2010 Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. My congratulations and best wishes to you all!