December 4, 2006

Volume 1, Meeting 26

Lead the Way 


Debi Garneau


Welcome by President Matt Taylor

National Anthem: John Klassen

Toast to Queen and Canada : Mike Grifa

Grace: Bob McBride


Cathy Henry introduced our Guest Georgette Taylor


Doug Foss serving as Sergeant at Arms and paid happy dollar to announce his wife Heather will be inaugurated tonight as St. Patrick Ward City Councilor. Andrew Bowles is happy the chair person was re elected that mean he has a job for another 4 more years. Keith Shaver was happy to win the curling Bonspiel with Ian Forbes and his brother. Jim Hooper is delighted that his son has finally slept thru the night but that night while his parents were visiting the Christmas tree fell. Ian Forbes also had a great time at the curing Bonspiel with Keith Shaver. June Manning thanked Georgette and Matt for the good food and drinks a great time was had by all at their Open House.   Georgette Taylor is happy Matt is still sleeping with her after she told him she will be going to Uganda for 1 month.


Board for 2007/2008 - President - Don Hetherington,  President Elect - June Manning, Past President - Matt Taylor, Secretary - John Tiebert, Treasurer - Debbie Garneau,  Club Service - Jason Pollock, Vocational - Jim Hooper, International - Greg McDonald, Community - Paul Monaghan, Director at Large - John D'Ambrosio. Bob McBride congratulated Don Hetherington for winning such a tough election. 

Canadian Junior Curling Championship will be hosted by the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. 200 - 250 volunteers are need between Feb 3-11, 2007 contact Keith Shaver for details and forms.

Rotary Club of Ellicottville is hosting a ski day at Holimont 9:30 to 4:30 Group Bus available See Ron Kozub for details.

Rotary Foundation link has been set by Ian Forbes it's a great way to communicate. Technical difficulties with the bulletin have been resolved and you will be receiving them in a timely manner. 

Christmas Luncheon Dec 18 - Elizabeth Spaan, it is a joyous celebration of the season for our members, their spouses, children, grandchildren the Salvation Army Band will be there.  Children 6 and under free, 6 to 12   $7.50 adults $15.00

Bingo Report - Greg McDonald announced next Bingo December 9th John Teibert needs volunteers for this fun night and an easy makeup. Delta Bingo is now smoke free.

Jim Shannon and  MIMI Massuet are both suffering from health problems. We want to let you know that many thoughts and good wishes are with you always.


Happy Birthday, to Rich Cavers . B est wishes for health and happiness in the year ahead!   

50/50 DRAW

Georgette Taylor was lucky she picked her own winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing the ten of diamonds. 


The following members expressed their regrets to our President and took early leave: Mike Grifa and Andrew Bowles.


Shelia Bristo. Manager of Court Services, Ministry of Attorney General .

GUEST SPEAKERs, Georgette and Matt Taylor

From August 24th to Sept 5 Matt & Georgette did dental volunteering in Guatemala . Matt has promised to go easy on the dentistry and badly decay teeth that he has described to this club on his previous trips and give us his thoughts about Guatemala an especially its people and their challenges.

After one week of Spanish Lessons in Antigua , Georgette noticed a lump on Matt's back and now Matt was the patient. The Lump was benign but more terrifying was the lack of the skills of the hospital nurse and as usual Georgette was there to give a helping hand.

Heat and humidity prevail in Rio Duce area, the people are descendants of indigenous Mayan they have no national language but speak 22 languages. Though the official language is Spanish, it is not universally understood among the indigenous population. The Mayan population is among the poorest, least-educated, youngest, and fastest growing in all of Latin America and that is why they have been so easily exploited. 

Their meals mostly consist of corn tortillas but the government has given two cows and six fruit trees to each family to improve their lives. Women hand weave vibrant colours into their blouses and the design are inspired from their natural surroundings of flowers and wild life. This garment must be approved by their mother in law and is used their whole life.

Over population is a problem,    mothers are suffering from birthing too young, too old, and too frequently. The Lands are becoming irrevocably overused from families having little ability to plan beyond their own survival. Mayan over population exist because of 1) a lifestyle based on manual labour and cooperation of kin, 2) inadequate contraceptive techniques, 3) poverty and marginality from public services, 4) religion, 5) gender inequality.

The distribution of income and wealth remains highly skewed. Available land is shrinking as rural families grow and expansive tracts devoted to export agriculture are concentrated into fewer hands. Wealthy owners benefit from the country rich agricultural environment and cheap labour source, while the majority of the population survives on tiny subsistence plots. A small local nature conservancy is helping to preserve the great Maya Forest endangered plant life.

Matt & Georgette were thanked by Ed Telenko


Julio Batres gave the attendance report - 23 members, for 75% per cent attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Matt adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.