For those who thirst...for clean, reliable sources of water, for improved health, for a chance to learn, and for a better tomorrow.  

Ted and his wife Miriam began their journey 10 years ago in East Africa (Tanzania). Ted realized that we all have the power to save lives. He returned to Niagara and started Wells of Hope.  

The work of Wells of Hope is concentrated primarily in Central America—in the mountains of Guatemala.

Wells of Hope Group:

Wells of Hope Group is a non-denominational group founded on Christian principles.  They are committed to helping the poor attain the necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare.

Founded in 2004 by Ted Vander Zalm and his wife Miriam, the Wells of Hope is a team of volunteers with roots in Niagara, Ontario, and Canada. Ted and his family have been joined by other members, such as Norm Hauer and Phil Massuet, who raise money and sacrifice personal time to drill wells, install pipelines, and bring water to the communities.

A permanent base camp is located in Jalapa, Guatemala, known as Campo Esperanza, or Camp of Hope.

Drilling Wells:

Water is supplied to the poorest communities in the regions of Guatemala through drilling projects.

Medical and Dental Care:

The group supports volunteer doctors, nurses, and dentists who visit remote Guatemalan villages to provide basic health care.

Orphanage Support:

The group provides financial support to orphanages for food and clothing, and volunteers offer love and care to these children to help build their human worth and dignity.


The group is committed to building new schools as well as upgrading and improving existing facilities, and provides teachers and students with learning materials.

Packs of Hope:

With the assistance of local schools and volunteers, this highly successful program fills backpacks with educational necessities for Guatemalan students.

Agricultural Support:

It is the group's goal to help subsistent farmers in Guatemala produce new drought-resistant cash crops so that they will be self-sustaining and less reliant on corn and the rainy season.           
Every eight seconds, a child dies due to water-related diseases.

If every eight seconds a Canadian soldier was brought home, would we stay silent? How do we allow this atrocity to happen?

Ted began with small drilling equipment, which did not last long. He then bought a stronger drilling rig, which lasted about three years.  Ted drills 1,200 feet down. He follows Canadian standards, and the wells are sealed to prevent contamination.  

Dig a Little Deeper Campaign:

Wells of Hope is in need of new drilling equipment and have begun a fundraising campaign called, "Dig a Little Deeper".

12 per cent of the world's population uses 85 per cent of the water. This does not include the third world.

The goal is to raise $600,000 for the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of a drill rig and support truck. The Wells of Hope Group is targeting 60 donors at $10,000 each or $3,333 over three years.

Wells of Hope is seeking our help.

President Paul thanked Ted, Norm, and Phil and advised that their request for support would be presented to our donations committee.