Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

Sptember 29, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : Kris Akili

Toast:      Sheila Bristo  

Grace:   Matt Taylor


Visitor Introduction : Jim Howes  welcomed Ross MacDonald from the "downtown" Rotary Club


Sargeant-at-Arms : June Manning did a great job extracting Happy Dollars today.  Ian dusted off a few dollars for an 81 km bike ride on Sunday and more importantly, the arrival last week of a 7 lb 2 oz. Grandson, Elliott Hall, born to his daughter Ashley and son in law Fraser. Everyone is doing well. Cathy Henry gave in advance of the Car Rally for Gilian's Place. Still time to sponsor her or others in the rally this coming weekend. Paul Massuet rode Cathy's coat tails saying he was also taking pledges! BobMcKay happy for the Bill's 4-0 start unlike Ed's Ticats.or June's Ice Dogs. Cathy Henry had to get up again to talk about Ed Telenko's art show at The Kennedy Gallery. Ed graciously responded to Cathy and then shot back at Bob. Matt taylor happy to be a Canadian. Ron Kozub happy to meet relatives not seen for a long time. One had huge success this past week in the race. Other happy dollars from Norris, John K., Greg and maybe some others..


Announcements : Greg talked about the Touch a Truck event at Niagara College. Great event to take the kids to. If you want to lend a hand see Greg.


Ron Kozub reminded all of the Beer Seminar at the Wine Garden this evening (Monday).


Jeanne Holbert Leighton reminded us that additional home hostings are required for Karen, our inbound exchange student. Please seriously consider this and talk to Jeanne.


Laetitia reminded us to pay attention to Matt's duty roster for doing something with Karen.


June asked for ideas as to the content of our basket for the District Conference. Should have a local flavour and total value around $150. See June.


Sheila said she had volunteers for this Friday's bingo but needed a couple for Saturday Oct. 18



Birthdays:  Keith Shaver was serenaded by the club and paid up accordingly.


50/50 Draw: A brand new deck was used and Norris Brown pulled the Queen of Hearts. He wins about ten dollars and we start yet again next week with another full deck.


Guest Speaker:


Dan Toparri had the pleasure of introducing Tom Froese, a Justice of the Peace in Niagara. Tom is married and has 7 children. He was with the Niagara Credit Union and was a Member of parliament in Ontario, representing Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls. He was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 2001. His list of involvement in the community is quite lengthy but includes the Chamber of Commerce, Minor Sports, Henley Rowing, and numerous committees.


Tom began by explaining the role of a Justice. No longer do they marry people and their role has evolved in many ways. There are currently 10 in Niagara and 242 in the entire province. They come from many walks of life and their role is still founded on the British common law that has its beginnings in the 1200's!


In stressing that the justices do come from all walks of life he invited us to visit www.ontariocourts.ca for the qualifications and characteristics. He went on to say that there is a need for more and a screening and hiring process is underway.


A justice participates at many levels in the system but deals with issues involving 130 acts and regulations ranging from the Fish and Wildlife Act to the Building Code. There could be over 100 people in court at one time with many plaintiffs representing themselves. In some cases this may be practical but many have little knowledge of either the law or the procedures of the court. The court is often dealing with people who simply made a mistake. A justice must be able to listen carefully and remain impartial at all times as decisions will be made that determine innocence or guilt with lasting implications. Family matters, private disputes, complaints regarding peace officers, bail and search warrants are all part of the job.


According to Tom one guarantee is that of good theatre.


Tom was thanked by Laetitia.


Attendance report :  Norris Brown announced that we had 23 members in attendance with two guests and make-ups resulting in 75% attendance.