Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

October 20, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : Jim Hooper

Toast:      Keith Shaver  

Grace:   Matt Taylor


Visitor Introduction : Jim Hooper  welcomed George Darte of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines, Ken Smith of the Niagara Falls Sunrise Club, Mario Iafrate of Eagle Valley Golf, Ed Parent of Anchor Pointe retirement Residence, and Chris Critelli of Brock University.


Sargeant-at-Arms : Dan Toparri was the bad guy today but was happy for the return of stability to the Canadian Political scene! Paul Monaghan happy to see two prospective members in attendance; and friend Ken Smith's attendance at today's meeting. Najeeb was proud to make his first contribution to the bird! John Klassen happy to have played golf with Najeeb and claims that Najeeb is an excellent player. President Greg pleased to have attended the District Conference and noted the exceptional presentation on water. Cathy Henry privileged to go to New York to babysit two grandchildren. Paul Massuet happy to have Ed parent at the meeting and also for the convention. Matt Taylor happy to be sitting with Mario and happy for Georgette being away (I think that's what I heard?) June Manning happy re convention and the part that the exchange students played. Laetitia pleased with the basket our club (June, Cathy and she?) auctioned off at the convention. Ed Telenko told a great story and also paid a happy dollar. Jim Hooper paid a dollar for each crutch that he doesn't have to use any more!




Cathy Henry told us there are only 26 days to the Gala and that we can still buy tickets for the necklaceat $10 each. Donations made to the Take it to Heart Campaign can still be made and acknowledged in the program.


Paul Massuet was looking to confirm members going to the foundation Dinner. He told us that we can go to the District Website to register and pay online. Please do so asap. Please follow this link http://www.clubrunner.ca/dprg/DxHome/_home.aspx?did=7090 and click on the Dinner link on the right side of the page.


Keith Shaver made an announcement on behalf of The Ad and Sales Club re a Poker Night Nov 30th. See Keith if interested.


Greg read a note from the YMCA thanking us for the $500 donation to their summer camp project.


Ron made a bingo announcement on behalf of Sheila. Our September cheque was for $1500 and that everyone had a good time afterwards!


50/50 Draw:   Dan Toparri drew the five of diamonds so on it goes.


Guest Speaker:


John Klassen introduced Chris Critelli, a native of St. Catharines, a well decorated athlete and coach and currently the Head Coach of the Brock University Women's Basketball team.  [ed note: John read us quite a list of accomplishments and I invite you to take this link to Chris' online bio http://www.brocku.ca/athletics/coaches.php?coachid=6 ]  A very well done intro by John!


Chris began her presentation by describing the role of a university coach. They recruit their players, they teach them, train them, coach them, they fundraise for their program, look out for them and do a host of other things that we would never think of! It is obvious that one of her functions and her special talents is that of motivational speaker. She covered some of her beliefs or key components in motivating others.


Her first words of encouragement is based on jumping at opportunities. As a good example she told us of her first meeting with Jack Donohue at a tryout for the National Team. She humbly told a tale of a small town girl who knew very little of what was in store for her and how she made the team. Moral of the story was that she jumped at an opportunity.


Chris believes that goal setting and writing down those goals are the next two steps to success.  Dealing with positive goals and reading them daily is necessary in order  to succeed. She insists that it takes 28 days of repitition to make something a permanent habit. Once again her stories about singing to herself and her need for positive thoughts were both fun and inspirational to listen to. We all can still see her singing her "I feel Good!" song and we all pictured her taking the sliver out of her butt!


Her next thoughts were on one's ability to move on from negative experiences. Some things are meant to put aside and not worried about. If we can't change events then it's best not to let them affect you in a negative way.


Chris then talked about the importance of knowing your strengths and making them work for you. She also related this to making a successful team based on the strengths of its members.


Chris easily passed the test of club member questions asked by Brian, George and Keith. Greg thanked her on behalf of the club and Dan for another great speaker.