Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

October 6, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : John D'Ambrosio

Toast:      Norris Brown  

Grace:   Sheila Bristo


Visitor Introduction : Jim Howes  welcomed Jeanne Armitage of the Sunrise Rotary Club of St. Catharines, Jamie Caswell of the Niagara Falls Sunrise Club, Samia Syed, Najeeb Syed, Angela, and Karen Ting our inbound exchange student.


Sargeant-at-Arms : George Fitpatrick was grateful for the fundraising effort by members of our club relative to the successful car rally for Gilian's Place. Paul Monaghan happy to have Jamie Caswell here today as our guest. June Manning pleased to participate in the Run for the Cure in Burlington along with 2000 others. John Teibert happy with participation and success in the rally as was Cathy Henry who said it raised over $12,000! John D'Ambrosio happy about last Saturday's Bingo. Jeanne Holbert Leighton excited about being able to bring Karen Ting to our meeting and get her back to DM for classes! Ed Telenko finally able to give a happy dollar for a Ticat victory! Jim Howes a sad dollar for the market being in the toilet..Brian Radford bragging about a Bisonette making the Pittsburch Penguins. Greg telling us about RonKozub's knowledge about beer and the evening spent in Fonthill last week. Really impressed.




Greg welcomed our exchange student, Karen Ting. She was proudly wearing the Dennis Morris school uniform.


Greg asked us if we had seen the Rotary Billboard at the Queenston Lewiston Bridge. One of three planned for the region.


The Rotary Foundation Dinner is being held at Salvatore's. Sign up on the District website.


Paul Massuet read a letter from the June Bike Trek team and presented a cheque for $585 back to our club! next year the event is on June 6th.


Jeanne Armitage told us of their club's fundraiser at Hernder Estates Winery. Price is right and sounds like fun. Call Jeanne if interested in tickets.


Cathy Henry may be able to get you a couple of tickets for the November 15th Take it to Heart Gala. She also reminds us to buy tickets for the necklace! [Download the flyer/picture from the Download section on the homepage]  See Cathy for tickets - only $10 !!!


New Member Induction


Ed Telenko officiated at the Induction of Najeeb Syed, Pedorthist. Najeeb was sponsored by George Fitzpatrick. See separate feature. Welcome Najeeb!


50/50 draw:   Jim Howes drew the 4 of spades so the pot builds.


Birthdays: Paul Monaghan was finally serenaded for a late September birthday.