Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

November 3, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : Paul Monaghan

Toast:      June Manning  

Grace:   Laetitia de Wit


Visitor Introduction : Jim Hooper  w elcomed Ken Smith guest of Paul Monaghan and prospective new member; Karen Ting, our inbound exchange student; Bob Hayden a Past President of our club.


Sargeant-at-Arms : George Fitzpatrick began by accepting happy dollars from Dan Toparri who was watching TV when Cathy Henry appeared on Dan Maclean's show on CHCH. Cathy was being interviewed on the Take it to Heart Gala and fund raising project! Paul Massuet was happy to pass on good news for Mimi. Cathy Henry glad to tell us about a career change for her daughter and she was very pleased to be on CHCH to promote the fundraising efforts of the club. George paid a dollar for something he said.and he was happy about a trip he and Valerie just retuned from. Peter Snodgrass happy to get his roof fixed. Paul Monaghan happy to have friend Ken Smith here today. Ron Kozub happy to see his grandson play basketball. While everyone else was watching Cathy on CHCH, Tom Schulz was watching a CBC show on singing whales - did I miss something here? Bob Hayden not just happy to be here today, he's happy to be anywhere! President Greg happy for the successful surgery experienced by his mother in law.




President Greg read a card from Audrey Beard thanking the club for flowers sent.


Ron Kozub spoke to a club housekeeping issue. Please return your badge to the box immediately after the meeting adjournment, not after committee meetings. Thanks.


Paul Massuet reminded us the the Every Rotarian Every Year Program will be starting a new year shortly.


Ian Forbes, on behalf of Jim Howes, reminded the club of the annual Bill Ford Rotary Bonspiel, to be held here on November 18th.  Jim is trying to put together another team and is looking for prize donations.  The four local clubs are sponsoring the event and we have lost two key sponsors this year. 5 of the 24 teams will be visiting Rotarians from Scotland.


Sheila spoke on travel plans to the Foundation Dinner. Please coordinate with her.


Cathy Henry asks everyone to hand in ticket money for the necklace draw.


Matt Taylor announced the hosting arrangements for Karen for the balance of the year. She will be staying with Matt, then Jeanne, then June. Please visit the club website to find the duty roster for entertaining Karen.


Jim Hooper looking for Bongo volunteers for November 15th.


50/50 Draw: Najeeb drew Laetitia's number who could not find the Queen of hearts. Alas, the pot lives.

Guest Speaker:


George Fitzpatrick introduced Najeeb Syed, our newest member, for his classification talk.


Najeeb began with some personal history, starting with his birth in Pakistan some 52 years ago. He arrived here in Canada, along with his wife and two children, in 1993 in response to a call of need from his sister. This meant a change in career path and an interesting progression to where he is today.


Najeeb opened his practice as a Pedorthist in 1995. This was not new to him as he began his certification in the field while in Pakistan. Through hard work, long hours and happy repeat customers he persevered to build the business to the point where he can give back to the community.


A story he told of a trip to Florida on a wish trip for children with disabilities was an eye opener. He was a volunteer helping a group of 85 children who needed one on one attention. They left Hamilton early in the morning of September11, 2001 to visit the Magic Kingdom and return the same day. The events of the day severely curtailed air traffic and actually closed airports and Disney World. Arrangements had to be made for 4 days of accommodation, food and clothing for children and their caregivers. For the vast majority of these kids it was the first time away from their parents. The good news was that Walmart, Disney and Universal Studios all stepped up and helped out.


Today Najeeb is looking for new ways to help out his community, both on Queenston Street and in Pakistan. He is currently involved in projects assisting people with aids, a blanket program and a wheelchair program.


Family is very important to Najeeb and he is especially proud of his three children, their achievements in education and their chosen career paths.


Najeeb was thanked by President Greg McDonald.